Ep.63 – Rilo Kiley @ the Greek Theater – Los Angeles, CA

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Lorn, Bryan, and Matt hit up the Greek Theater in Los Angeles, CA to catch Rilo Kiley in their final show on their Spring 2008 tour and talk with fans about their experience.

This show was some what of an unexpected surprise. I had just returned from a 7 concert trip to Seattle and was exhausted! Thought I was going to get to take a little bit of a break. Then I received and email from Press Here publicity letting me know YTC had credentials for show. I couldn’t pass up the opportunity, I had just heard to many good things about Rilo Kiley.

Matt Sherwood was cool enough to drive to the show, but needed a ticket. It didn’t take long. Whiel I was standing in line to get my tickets and credentials, I over heard someone talking about an extra ticket and jumped right into the conversation. Told them a little bit about YTC and they decided to be a good samaritan.

We walked around a bit and found ourselves a nice seat and were eventually joined by some cool girls. About two songs into the set I snuck two of them down to the A section and we rocked out!

After the show we got to talk to a lot of really cool people, but the word on the street was that this could have been the very last Rilo Kiley show EVER! We hope not because the Rilo Kiley fan base rocks! Toby McGuire was kicking it to, but was to cool to do an interview. (But we understand its tough to be a celebrity!) -lorn

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