Ep.64 – Duffy @ the El Rey Theater – Hollywood, CA

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Lorn, Bryan, Josh, and Chrystal head to the SOLD OUT Duffy concert at the El Rey theater in Los Angeles, CA.

When we rolled up to this show things looked scarce! There were about 6 scalpers on the street selling tickets for about 60$ a piece and it was only a 20$ ticket. We asked around for a bit and finally Bryan found someone to give him a free ticket. I noticed a folder full of tickets and told them about YTC and scored myself one too. Chrystal had gotten screwed over by a scalper and left waiting in line for a box office release that was never going to happen. We walked down the long line that went around the corner and eventually found her a FREE ticket! We had yet to find Josh a ticket, but it didn’t take long and we were in the show. 4 Free tickets to one sold out concert!

4 Free Tickets!

The show was great, but it was hard to get people to stop and talk with us about it afterward. I had a fantastic time and would recommend to almost anyone, “Check out Duffy!”


Towards the end of the night these two cool kids came out and gave me and Bryan VIP passes and we got to go kick it in the up stairs lounge at the El Rey. Duffy and the band were walking around taking pictures and talking with “important” people. We tried to score an interview, but Duffy’s publicist was in a hurry to get her out of there.

A while after that we kicked it with a few of the Tech guys and watched Duffy get rushed into a van.

I think the highlight of the show for me was how excited Duffy was to be in LA. The whole show she was saying “Oh, your all so beautiful! I am so thrilled to be in Los Angeles!” or something along those lines. Its just kinda neat to see someone who is excited about reaching this level. -lorn

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  1. Chrystal says:

    What a presence. She proved that a singer can be entertaining without tons of spectacle. The simplicity of her hand gestures and delicate poses made beautiful choreography – and on top of it all, a unique and pure voice. Good times, good friends. Loved it!

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