Ep.65 – Thievery Corporation @ The Hollywood Bowl – Hollywood, CA

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After a few days of rest Lorn and Bryan check out the Thievery Corporation at the Hollywood Bowl and get fan reviews of the show.

I tried to have a good time at this show, but when I was walking around the Garden section I noticed I was being followed by a security guard and was like “I am out of here.”  I exit the garden section and he grabs me by the arm.  I just keep on going and begin to head up a flight of stairs towards the terrace section of the bowl.  About six steps up the asshole grabs me by the shirt and yanks me down the stairs.  I was PISSED, no one gets to touch me!

He started asking me for my ticket and I was like that ain’t going to happen!  I confronted him about pulling me down the stairs and asked for his ID badge.  He turned around took off his badge and got PAC security to escort me out of the area.  It’s definitely not cool that security guards manhandle patrons and get away with it.  Had we not had an episode to do, I would have no doubt caused much more of a scene. -lorn

I wholly concur with Lorn’s statement about security manhandling patrons.  This guy was definitely crossing the line and I am just thankful that Lorn wasn’t hurt in the incident.  During the altercation I was in a totally grooved out state and all the yelling was harshing my steeze.  Lorn and I have agreed to  never speak of this incident again. -bryan

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