Ep.88 – Film School @ Spaceland – Los Angeles CA -08/06/08

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Film School @ Spaceland video concert review

Last night, I headed out to my old ‘hood to see Film School at Spaceland. I got there towards the end of The Meeting Places’ set so I didn’t really get a chance to focus on them or formulate an opinion. I did a little research on them today, and I like what I hear.

Next up was The Pity Party. Really cool band! I just love seeing a talented woman rock out. Talk about star quality…a beautiful redhead singing, and playing drums and keys all at the same time. She’s a funny girl too. :) The original guitarist broke his hand, so someone filled in while he continued to sing his parts. I felt so bad for him…the cast was huge. The set rocked anyway, and I definitely want to see them again.

And then there was Film School
This is like my 10th (or more) time seeing Film School. They have really grown on me since the first time I saw them. All the Film School fans I know agree, they just take it to a new level every show. Besides for busting out a hypnotic sound with haunting harmonies, the audience can just get lost in their psychedelic projections and watching Dave, the band’s noise mastermind work his science. You never know what objects or part of the stage Dave and frontman Greg are going to rub their guitars against next. Sounds kind of kinky, don’t it? :)

Anyway, it was a great show, and everyone in Film School  is just so gifted. The only complaints I have are that Spaceland smells bad, their valet sucks, and it’s wicked hot in there. Also, I was hoping to see a bigger crowd, but it was a Wednesday night.

You can check out Film School at www.filmschoolmusic.com


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  1. Lorn says:

    Great video Chrystal! You rock !!

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    OMG! Love this!!!

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