Ep.89 – The Faint @ The Henry Fonda Music Box – Hollywood, CA

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Lorn and Jessica catch the sold out Faint concert at the Henry Fonda Music Box in Hollywood and get fan reviews of the show.

This show rocked my FACE OFF!!! I had only listened to the Faint a few times, but I was very excited to attend this show. This was the second of two sold out nights for The Faint at the Fonda. One of the first things that was said to me when I entered the venue was, “you shouldn’t have worn your hat. My friend came to the show last night and got elbowed in the jaw in the mosh pit”. I was shocked I didn’t envision The Faint as a band to get people moshing.

I decided to stay close to the front and was my ass ever ROCKED!! I didn’t stop moving the entire show with the exception of the encore when I decided I couldn’t do it anymore. I had a great time at this show and would defiantly recommend others to check out The Faint live if they get the chance.

My one complaint about this show was the vocal levels. I couldn’t understand a single word Todd was singing! But I ROCKED OUT!! None the less so that’s all that really matters. -lorn

Special thanks to Penny at Filter Magazine for hooking us up with the tickets to this show.

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One Comment to “Ep.89 – The Faint @ The Henry Fonda Music Box – Hollywood, CA”

  1. Jessica!!!!! says:

    AHH The Faint was so good!! I wish I had a British accent so I could pull off the phrase “bloody fantastic” like that one chick said because I think that pretty much sums up the night better than you can say in any lame American sayings. I like how I got significantly more trashed from the first video (I’m still wearing my cardigan) to the last video (haggard, sweaty, drunk).

    Youtellconcerts.com is an awesome site!

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