Ep.91 – Dave Matthews Band @ Staples Center – Los Angeles, CA

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Lorn and Chrystal attend the Dave Matthews Band concert at Staples center in Los Angeles CA. They get fan reviews of the show and memories and kind words of LeRoi Moore.

What a crazy day! Work sucked and in all honesty I wasn’t going to make this concert. I had just finished a 13 and 1/2 working day and was beat!! The next day was going to be far worse and no chance of making DMB 2nd night at Staples. By the time I got off work the show had all ready been going on for an hour or so.

But Chrystal called me up and had wanted to go and I need a little adventure in my life. We arrived at Staples center around 9:15 and the box office was closed. For those of you have never been to a concert thats a bad thing. We ran into a few people looking for tickets but no one was going in to the venue.

We ended up talking with a few people and found out that LeRoi Moore had passed away and the show had started late. After about 20 min or so Josh helped Chrystal and I magically get inside and score primo seats. I had only seen Dave Matthews once before but could tell there was a great sadness in the venue. With the exception of the drunk girls next to us yelling out “HAPPY BIRTHDAY LISA!!!” when Dave was telling a story about LeRoi playing Some Where Over the Rainbow when he first meet him.

All I could think about the entire show was how I had only seen DMB once prior the year before at the Hollywood Bowl, and the incredible energy and sound LeRoi brought to the show. I remembered being at that Bowl show and just being blown away by LeRoi’s Sax solo. This was a somber show to say the least. I wish I could have seen DMB covering Sledge Hammer and Burning Down the House, definitely bummed I missed night two at Staples.

I would like to apologize for mis pronouncing Le Roi’s name in this video. If you have watched YTC I tend to be great with names. Thanks to everyone who hooked it up at this show and for saying the thing you said. -Lorn

I’ll be honest. I used to label Dave Matthews Band as “college crap” when I went to school. I never really got into it. I didn’t hate the music, but I certainly didn’t listen to it 24/7 like all the other kids in my dorm. When all my friends would pay a bunch of money for tickets, I decided that it just wasn’t worth it. I admit, I made a mistake.

August 19th was my first DMB show. We got to the venue really late, and found out from a fan outside that the sax player, LeRoi Moore had died that afternoon. We weren’t sure if we were going to get in, but, lucky us, we did, and caught a good portion of the show. It was an amazing experience, and it was touching to see them on such a memorable night – to see such loyal, loving fans cry, dance, and come together as a family.

I went to the next night’s show as well, and there was a completely different vibe in the Staples Center. It was a lighter feeling. The same unity was there, and the same mourning – but it seemed like the heavy shock of the death has subsided and everyone was in more of a “celebration-of-life” frame of mind.

I am so disappointed in myself for not going with my friends to those shows years ago. I missed out on some good times, and missed LeRoi perform with the band. From what I’ve seen, read and heard over the past couple of days, it’s apparent that he was very talented and a really cool guy.

My thoughts and prayers go out to all his friends, family, and fans.

Stay Blessed,

For more reviews and a set list of the show check out


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    Wow, I never knew how much I resemble Jay Leno until seeing myself on your video.
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