Ep.90 – Project Revolution 2008 @ Verizon Wireless – Irvine, CA

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Lorn and Sam attend Project Revolution and get to see The Bravery, Chris Cornell, and Linkin Park. Then they get fan reviews of the show.

I had a great time at this show!! Thanks to everyone who hooked us up with tickets, because the show was SOLD OUT. That was very nice of you. One thing that was realy cool about this show is that I got to run into a lot of friends and people I have met at concerts over the last few months. It’s always nice to hear that your work is appreciated.


I missed the vast majority of the bands playing this festival, but the ones I got to see were fantastic. I only caught one or two songs of The Bravery’s performance and am undecided about them at this time. I think they are a band I would much rather see in a smaller venue.

Chris Cornell was up next and he utterly blew me away! He busted out hit after hit from his extensive career including songs from Sound Garden, Audio Slave, and a Temple Of the Dog song featuring a duet with Chester of Linkin Park. I plan on seeing Chris Cornell again and as soon as possible.

Up next was Linkin Park !! These guys always bring it and this performance in no way fell short. Street Drum Corps joined the band for several songs and really added a lot to Linkin Parks performance. Chris Cornell came out and sang back up for a song and that was defiantly another added bonus at this show.

The one thing I was disappointed with was the absence of Busta Rhyms at this show. I heard great things about his performances with Linkin Park and I would have really liked to see it. I wont let that get me down too much, because this show ROCKED and I look forward to seeing all these bands again. -lorn

Special note: Thanks to Ronnie Winter of Red Jump Suit Apparatus for giving us your opinion of the show.

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3 Comments to “Ep.90 – Project Revolution 2008 @ Verizon Wireless – Irvine, CA”

  1. RnRPeg says:

    Ha! I am on this reel. Thank you. I was obviously JUICED!! Too many vodka/Odwallas throughout the show. Apologize for my obnoxiousness, but I was still ON POINT! Cornell’s band is AMAZING. Yogi, Peter, Corey, Jason & Will are all pure-pro. Got to see a few of their shows on this tour–along with a much longer headlining set at HOB/Vegas. Phenomenal band. But sadly no “Jesus Christ Pose” on this night! Thanks to youtellconcerts.com & Loren who is a perfect host for this. I sorta forgot all about doing this clip–until my friend told me today that she heard me on the radio in a bong shop! HAAAA! Who’s stealin’ your stuff, brothas??

    Catch the rest of the Project Rev shows if you can–or see Cornell’s headline set at San Diego HOB August 29th. See you THERE!

    Peg P in SD

  2. Chrystal says:

    I am so bummed that I missed this show. Waaaah!

  3. Lorn says:

    How lame is it that someone riped off YTC? LAME!!
    But also kinda cool cause our stuff made it on to the radio. If you know what station that the project revolution spot was played on let me know-lorn

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