Ep.95 – Fergie w/ Natasha Bedingfield @ The Wiltern – Los Angeles, CA – 08/30/08

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Fergie w/ Natasha Bedingfield @ The Wiltern
video concert review

I’m really happy that my friend JQ told me about this show. It was a secret concert that not many people knew about. I guess you had to win tickets in order to go, but somehow, someway, we managed to get into the Pepsi Smash event featuring Fergie and Natasha Bedingfield.

I have so much respect for both of these women. They are huge pop stars, but are far too talented to be put into the stereotype that is associated with pop stars. Don’t get me wrong, I love overly produced, cheesy pop music, and always have. It’s fun, effortless to listen to, and makes me happy. That being said, I have appreciation for those who can take it to the next level. These women keep the simplicity and fun, but add heart and creativity to the melodies and lyrics.

I enjoyed the match up of Fergie and Natasha for a show. They are similiar artists tearing up the Top 40 and Hot AC formats, but it was cool to see the contrast in their performances. Natasha Bedingfield was raw, with just her band and backup singers on stage, while Fergie had a crew of dancers and numerous other elements to keep the energy up and the audience entertained. While Natasha is more herself onstage, I think Fergie switches into a character. She’s very dramatic and theatrical, but fun. Both styles worked for me. I enjoyed both of their sets.

Although Natasha Bedingfield’s performance had less spectacle, I thought it fit her music and personality. I didn’t realize how many of her songs I actually know. I’m glad I got to see her live, because I probably wouldn’t have given her the credit she deserves – and I would’ve missed out a great show. I’m definitely going to buy one of Natasha’s albums now. She was the perfect warm-up for Fergie.

Fergie proved that she deserves everything she has. (I mean, she has been working at her career since she was a little girl on Kids Incorporated.) In addition to her own stuff,Fergie did snippets of her work with Black Eyed Peas, a little Live and Let Die, some Zepplin, Heart, and even Sublime…the woman has a serious range of genres. Fegie’s voice is strong, and her body is banging (I’m just saying). When she started doing one-handed cartwheels across the stage, I was like “Is there anything Fergie can’t do?”-Chrystal

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