Ep.98 – Nada Surf @ The Troubadour – Hollywood, CA

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Lorn catches Nada Surf at the Troubadour and gets fan reviews of the show.

This is the 3rd time I have seen Nada Surf this year and I just might be addicted. The show started off with several songs I knew, including my favorite Nada Surf song “HAPPY KID.” The show continued to get better throughout the set. It was a bummer that Daniel, the bands bass player, was injured and wasn’t able to play.  However, Jose Galvez from the band Ozma stepped in.  I think Daniel has a lot more chemistry with the band but Jose did just fine.  Mathew and Ira did a fantastic job as always.  Ira played to the crowd and Mathew was good about gabbing it up.  I was disappointed that he never really said where Daniel was.  I did unfortunately miss the first song of the set so he might have said it then.   But none the less I was wondering were he was.  I should get better at doing my homework and knowing these things before I go to a show but some times its just fun to find these things out at the show.

nadasurf live

I thought the Seattle crowd was much more receptive to the band than the crowd at the Troubadour. It was, however, very cool that Matthew called everyone up on stage for Blankest Year.  That song always brings down the house.   I am bummed that the lighting in this video sucked, but I definitely rocked out and would recommend checking out Nada Surf in a city near you.  -Lorn

Thanks to Ever at Barsuk records and Rob Beales www.ancientsquid.com for setting us up to see this show.

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