Tunes – Foo Fighters – “Let It Die” (Live)

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The Foo Fighters are finally back in Los Angeles and are playing tonight and tomorrow at the Forum. The last time the Foo Fighters played the Forum was back in 2008 and those shows still remain in my top 30 favorite concerts of all time. I cant wait for this show and strongly recommend catching the Foo Fighters. Trust me when I say you are going to regret it if you don’t. – poppinoff

Foo Fighters

Foo Fighters – “Let It Die” (Live)

Event – Foo Fighters @ The Forum – Inglewood, CA – 10/13/11 – 10/14/11

Ep.8-Foo Fighters @ The Forum-Inglewood,CA

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  1. essayroo says:

    He was the real legend of music and I always like to hear his songs all the time for mood enhancement. It was really sad feeling to know about the things that you are talking about.

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