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Lorn heads to the Coachella music and arts festival trying to get everyone at the fest to say Happy Coachella. He all so talks with festival patrons about their experience.

Happy Coachella 2009 video concert review

What an experience Coachella 2009 was. In our over all good common sense we decided not to buy tickets for the festival and spend all of our money on Happy Coachella stickers. This created a few problems through out the weekend.

1) Bryan and Team Name not getting in on Saturday

2) Lorn not getting in until 9:30 on Saturday

Luckily we did find some cool people who were kind enough to hook us up with tickets for the show. Big shout outs to Ghostland Observatory, Brandon from Los Angeles and State Farm Insurance

On Friday it took around 3 hours to park so I missed almost everyone that I wanted to see including Ghostland Observatory. I was able to catch the tail end of Girl Talk but wasn’t in the mood for the killer party that was going on. I then headed over to Paul McCartney and was a little let down by his set. I think it had to do with the fact that a lot of people weren’t singing along to Hey Jude. I also thought the sound was a little bit shaky and have seen better Paul performances.

Saturday was a long one as they usually are at Coachella . When we arrived the ticket situation was scarce . It took around 2 hours to finagle are way in but in the end we found some dude that was cool enough to hook a ticket up for 20$. Bryan wasn’t as lucky and rolled with Team Name back to the Riveara for the Music Loves Fashion party. By the time I walked in the door it was a little after 9:00 and MIA was half way through her. I didn’t pay very much attention to it but had a fun time wandering through the crowd.

I caught a few songs by The Killers and MSTRKRFT but wasn’t overly impressed so went to check out ATMOSPHERE. Those guys know how to get down!!! I have been trying to see them for a very long time and after Coachella plan on seeing them again. Atmosphere has a great stage presence and can get the crowd moving.

Sunday was my favorite day of Coachella by far. I was actually able to catch full sets and get the full Coachella experience. I started my day off by dancing it up in the Do Lab. If you have never been in the Do Lab while at Coachella I suggest that you roll in and get down  – lorn

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