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*Filter Magazine Pre-Coachella Kick Off Party*

Bryan from YouTellConcerts.com and Katie from eRockster.com

The 2009 Coachella weekend kicked off with the Filter Magazine Party on Thursday night.  We got there without a problem, got our parking pass, parked very close to the venue, and then chatted with the extremely friendly parking staff.

After crossing the threshold into the party, I was immediately greeted by staff from one of the party sponsors, eRockster.com.  The person greeting me was Katie, who I happened to have met at Coachella last year on the Polo Fields.  Katie is super cool.  I hope we magically run into each other every year at Coachella.

Highlights from Filter Party:

- Surprisingly strong Margarita


- Unnecessarily heavy decorative donkey

This party ran out of liquor quickly and beer soon after.  However, Flosstradamus kept the dance beats bumping and was the saving grace of the party.


Check out more pics from these parties at


*Music Loves Fashion Pool Parties*

Pictures by SayCheeseAndDie.com

We were fortunate enough to have a room at the Palm Springs Riviera Resort and Spa where the Music Loves Fashion event was taking place over the weekened.  They had pool parties every day (Friday, Saturday, and Sunday with FREE booze and food!!)


They also had ballroom events at night, but honestly these pool parties were the highlight of the weekend. You really can’t argue with complimentary drinks and food just a short stroll away from your luxurious resort room.

On Saturday we made special effort to get people to say HAPPY COACHELLA! and we were pleased with the response. Saturday’s pool party was promoted as a DIM MAK pool party and ThemJeans was there to provide beats while kickin it in the sun.

Pictures by SayCheeseAndDie.com

Highlights from Music Loves Fashion:


- The FREE food, booze, shirts, water guns, etc.




*Anthem Ranch Party*

Pictures by SayCheeseAndDie.com

We also had the opportunity to check out the Anthem Ranch Party.  This party was really cool and by the time we got there the place was just overflowing with people.  Celebrity sightings included Adrien Grenier (who was a dick), Andy Milonakis, Aziz Ansari, Busy P and the Cool Cats, Paris Hilton, among others.

Aziz Ansari (@azizansari) and Preston from SayCheeseAndDie.com

The craziest part of this party was the fake check-in table they had out front.  When we first rolled up there were a number of people talking to the two girls sitting at this table and to any reasonable observer this looked like the place where you check in for entry to the party.  They kept saying the party was shut down and that they weren’t letting people in.  However, it became inceasingly obvious that there was a raging party going on in there and if I see a rager… I’m getting in there.

Soon we realized there was no need to check in and we could just walk up the drive to the party.  So we did.  I’ve never experienced anything like that before, but it was in all reality a completely FAKE check-in table.  Crazy!

Highlights from Anthem Ranch Party:

- LOTS of celebrities to talk to

- Gigantic Slip and Slide

- Fake check-in table out front

Overall I had a great time at these parties outside of the Coachella Festival and ultimately they led to me missing a lot of the performances on the polo field.  I wouldn’t say I regret the amount of time I spent at the actual festival, because I had a great time and there just literally is too much to do in the amount of time available over the weekend.

 Some video from the actual festival still to be edited and uploaded soon!!


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