How did we miss this one? // Foo Fighters @ Paladinos – Reseda,CA – 12/21/10

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So, for those of you that don’t know, Foo Fighters played a secret show at Paladino’s in Reseda last night. Tickets had to be won through a raffle. Unfortunately, we did not win tickets and heard only a little chatter in regards to where the show would take place. Tons of rumors were bouncing around LA; one reliable news source even published that the show would take place at Spaceland.

Photo by: Jimmy D Productions

Due to the rain and no official confirmation, we decided to not head into the valley to check this show out. What a mistake!!! We tipped off a few friends that the show might be taking place at Paladino’s, and since they live in the area, they decided to check it out. They arrived at the venue, and after a short wait, had no trouble getting into this epic show.


The band played a 20-song-set that featured four new songs (Back and Forth, White Limo, Rosemary, and These Days) alongside hits and fan favorites, such as, My Hero, Times Like These, Learn To Fly, and Monkey Wrench.

Foo Fighters Setlist Paladino's, Tarzana, CA, USA 2010, Secret Fan Show

For the encore, the band was joined by a very special guest – Krist Novoselic the bassist of Nirvana.  Krist performed the Nirvana song Marigold with the Foos.  The set list above lists this as a Nirvana cover, but I would have to disagree since it was originally sung by Dave Grohl and released as a Nirvana song.  I guess it makes this the closest thing to a Nirvana song being performed by Nirvana in years.

Unfortunately, no phones or cameras were allowed in the building – so there isn’t any footage of this show yet.  Thankfully, the Foos played Paladino’s about 3 years ago and there is a lot of footage from that :)

In closing, I cant believe I missed this show. What was I thinking? Big ups to everyone that did get to go, I am sure you had the time of your lives. -lorn

Please note: Due to the fact the Foos kept this show so under wraps, all photos and videos in the post are from the Foo Fighters 2007 Paladino’s performance.

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