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Prior to shipping off to Austin for SXSW madness, one of my dearest friends (and an incredible artist herself), Jennifer Quiroz, came to Nashville on business. Since she couldn’t come with me to Austin, we decided to check out a showcase at The Basement which featured a lineup of artists that were also headed to SXSW.

Elephant Stone was one band that really caught our attention with a 60’s psych-pop dosed with indie rock. I may have caught a little bit of a high simply off the bewitching instrumental parts. Sexy sitar action has a tendency of doing that.

We got to meet with the guys in a dark corner after the show and talk about avocados, nicknames, favorite shows, and were even treated to a Tom Cruise impersonation! Check it out below:

Props to Jennifer (aka – Ghost Cheeks) for being our guest interviewer!

I have a feeling these guys did well at SXSW. It’s nice to see a show that is different and cultured, but also stays true to that which is familiar and what has worked time and time again in pop rock.

I would love to see Elephant Stone play Bonnaroo. Make it happen people! While you’re making things happen…I would also like a salsa-filled fried avocado, please.

To hear more from Elephant Stone check out


Elephant Stone – Strangers 

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