Interview w/ Emmure (Frankie Palmeri)

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Interview w/ Emmure (Frankie Palmeri)

Frankie Palmeri of Emmure, metal’s most controversial take a couple of minutes to discuss his social media accounts, Justin Bieber, the Xbox One, and more at the first date of the 2013 Rockstar Energy Mayhem Festival.


Alex: Frankie, thanks for talking to us today.

Frankie: No problem, my pleasure.

Alex: First off, I wanted to ask about your involvement in social media.

Frankie: chuckles: I got banned from Instagram, so now I’m on a social media strike. I don’t use twitter anymore or anything until I get Instagram back I’m completely off the map, I don’t give a fuck anymore. I feel kinda dissed by that personally, I think it’s bullshit that I’m getting put on the cold rack like that, so I’m kinda under the radar as far as far as shit goes.

Alex: So you just completely stopped everything?

Frankie: Yea, I’m just fucking over it

Alex: So until you get Instagram back, you won’t use any social media?
Frankie: Yea, until I get Instagram back ill come party again. I’m just gonna get it real mother fuckers like that and if you see me, show me love, it’s whatever, you know.

Alex: Why do you think some of these “metal news sites” give you and the band so much shit?

Frankie: I think it’s amazing! I think it’s fucking unreal, I love it! I think it’s helped us in so many ways, I don’t even understand. It’s like, if they have tried to damage me or my band, in some way, they have failed miserably, because it’s only gotten better, and better, and better for us everywhere we go and I wake up every single day feeling better about it, so it’s awesome.

Alex: So do you go out there and search for your name and see if they’ve said anything?

Frankie: No, no…. I mean granted, sometimes I’ll just hear about some shit and or show me some shit like someone will say this about you , then I’ll go check it out, but the point is that it happens so often that I’m just like whatever, I don’t give a shit. I think it’s cool though, honestly. I might give them slack for it, cause I like to poke fun of them, too, but I do appreciate it on a real level. Like I said, if it wasn’t for all that crazy fucking energy they spend on me, I wouldn’t be here today.

Alex: Did you get a lot of fans out of this?

Frankie: Yeah, yeah definitely. I mean, for every person that goes “I hate that.” There’s gonna be one guy behind that, that goes “we’ll I don’t,” you know what I’m saying? It creates that polarity in people and the fact that our band creates that polarity in so many people in heavy music has done everything for us, it’s helped us, it’s like our whole career, you know?

Alex: I feel like a lot of the haters out there haven’t heard you guys, personally, and until they do, I think they become fans.
Frankie: Hey, and you know what? If they wanna keep hating, that works for us, too. It’s never stopped us. The day we become a band that doesn’t create that polarity, I think it’s over for us cause I want people to be moved by us, I don’t want it to be like uhh…

Alex: A boring band?
Frankie: Yeah! I don’t want to be just another band, like “oh, they’re ok” or like “yeah, everyone likes them, they’re cool,” no, that’s fucking boring! They’re not saying anything, if everyone likes them, then that sucks. That’s not to say that mainstream music is bad, or music on a mass appeal is bad, but like if Justin Bieber didn’t have a fucking million idiots saying “fuck Justin Bieber,”there wouldn’t be a hundred million other people saying “no, I love Justin Bieber,” so much props to him and that’s the perfect example, you know, like we’re in the same kind of position, it’s like people fucking hate us for what? Do you really have a reason? No, you just fucking hate it. If people love it, and they really love it, then that’s awesome.

Alex: Does it inspire you to write a song? Maybe towards haters? Like, that’s for giving me free publicity, something like that?
Frankie: No, and honestly the fact that so many people don’t understand or realize that they’ve how big they’ve blown up the band because of it, it’s a gorgeous thing. It’s like “keep talking about me.” Like I said, it’s really been helpful for our band and our career to be pushed as this cool band to hate like” I don’t like them, or I like this,” it’s great, it’s fucking great. The fans that do know what’s up and are really committed to our music and know what we are about, those are the people I really care about, and I give my everything to them.

Alex: Any word in a new record coming out?

Frankie: Yeah, we’re writing it right now and hopefully it’s out early 2014. It’s definitely the most fucking crazy shit we have written in a while. In an emotional level, lyrically the music is pummeling. Everything is fucking sick and I haven’t felt that way about an album of ours in a while, so I’m really stoked to get it out there.

Alex: Will there be anything about your recent accident in Moscow?

Frankie: I doubt it (laughs)! That was a special occasion for me.

Alex: One Ina life time kinda thing?

Frankie: Yeah, once in a lifetime kinda thing, hopefully.

Alex: You’re touring over seas again in a few months, when can we expect you guys to come back to the states and do another tour?

Frankie: Shit man, I don’t know. We haven’t really talked about that in the states. Hopefully we get to come back. We love touring the circuit and love coming to all these major cities in America and hope we get to do it soon. We got love all over the place, so we wanna do it as soon as possible.

Alex: Who do you want to tour with that you haven’t toured with already?

Frankie: Shit, I’ve been asked that question a few times today, and like seriously, my dream tour would be to bridge the gap the Korn/Bizkit era and what we are doing now, because the Korn and Bizkit are the two bands, I think, are what opened the doors for us and have helped us we are able to go out there and be the band that we are today. I would love to somehow bridge the gap one day with the old and the new. There’s always some bands that would fit well with a bill like that, so doing that would be fucking incredible.

Alex: Yeah, this festival, Mayhem, is kinda doing that. We have so many kinds of different generals. We got Five Finger, we got Rob Zombie, we have you guys… Machine Head, yeah…

Frankie: Yeah, it’s one if the most different Mayhems we’ve experienced.

Alex: So what does Mayhem mean to you?

Frankie: It’s means exactly that. You have a combination of great bands, heavy music, put them together in one roof to entertain a bunch of awesome people. I think the fact that Rockstar caters to straight metal heads is a beautiful thing, you know. It’s not like a warped tour or anything kind of festival where it’s kinda spread out and there’s so many other reason to go. Here at Rockstar, it’s all about the music, and that’s why it makes this so special.

Alex: I know you like video games, and I gotta ask…Xbox One or PS4?

Frankie: You know what, I’ve been debating this with my friends for a bit and PS4 is gonna be what I’ll end up getting. I have an Xbox 360 and I’m really dedicated to it, I love my Xbox 360, that’s where I play all my fighting games and stuff. PS4 just seems more appealing at this point. This whole kinect thing, I’m not into that. I want a controller in my hand, I wanna okay a real game, you know?

Alex: They’re still giving you a control, by the kinect is like an added bonus.

Frankie: Well, you have to have it, but I don’t like necessities like that. I’ll be honest with you, the older I get the the less I play games because I think the games that come out aren’t that great, but any system that has the most fighting titles, I’m gonna get

Alex: I know you’re big into Street Fighter, they’re gonna have Killer Instinct, were you ever a fan of that?

Frankie: Yeah, for Xbox One? Yeah, Killer Instinct would be cool, I saw the demo and I remember playing Killer Instinct when I was young, but I don’t know how that’s gonna translate to newer gamers, and this is no dis to younger kids, young gamers aren’t good at games. They’re not dedicated, they’re not. To be dedicated to a game like Killer Instinct, you gotta fucking play, and play, and play, and play. I don’t know if they’ll make it gamer friendly, like easy to play other fighting games that I’ve been playing recently, but we’ll see, like whatever. As far as the fighting community exists, I’m not the most active member, but I’m still passionate about it.

Alex: Last, anything you want to let people know that they might not know about you?

Frankie: I’m fucking crazy.

Alex: I think we know that (laughs).

Frankie: Yeah, that’s all.

Alex: Alright, that’s Frankie.

Frankie: Thanks man, good talking to you.

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