Interview // Jezzebelle (Gary Burke)

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Interview w/ Jezzebelle (Gary Burke)

Earlier this month, I had the pleasure of talking with Gary Burke of  the Dublin, Ireland duo, Jezzebelle.

I spent my whole work day yesterday listening to Jezzebelle, and was super impressed – not only by the amount of material they have, but also the diversity.

Between Gary’s precision in guitar technique and Katie Carpenter’s vocal versatility, Jezzebelle has all the qualities that are a record label’s cross-format dream.

From the tropical Country tones of “How Long,” to the rhythmic, “remix-able” Pop Rock of “Bad Seed,” right into the swimming guitar effects and grungy grit of “Pretend,” Jezzebelle changes the moods and proves that they certainly aren’t stuck in any creative quicksand.


Photo By Christie Goodwin

Also, the production on their music is ridiculously crisp and clean; really well produced capturing every drop of talent. By switching off on vocals and Carpenter’s ability to morph her voice through different registers, force, and characteristics, a Jezzebelle record sounds as if the duo could actually be a four-person group.

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I’m itching for Jezzebelle to get to Nashville. This city will simply adore them. As if the exotic novelty of an Irish male/female combo isn’t enough, Jezzebelle has what Country music is gravitating towards with the success of Little Big Town and Kenny Chesney’s recent hits – flirting with the less-clichĂ© and/or focusing on composition, harmonies, and attraction to listeners outside the Country world.

Jezzebelle – get to Nashville, so we can see what you can do live! :)


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  1. Tammy Taylor says:

    Jezzebelle is awesome and we just love them here in south Florida. If you guys get a chance to see them while they're here in the states don't miss them!!!! Great band!!!! Love them :)

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