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Roy Jay is like that super cool family friend that always urged your Dad to let you off the hook when you did something wrong. He’s laidback, but on a path, and comes off as a lover of people, experience, and life. I like an artist with his stage personality; a style that breaks the wall, and is not pretentious or forcing anything. It makes an audience comfortable and more willing to open up and engage.

Before meeting Roy Jay, I listened to some tracks on his site, and I loved how his songs found beauty in what may be perceived as the ugliest places. While others would turn their back on the fast food worker, and the “Prettiest Girl in Wal-Mart,” Jay uses them as inspiration, casting for an audible sitcom.

Jay’s album “Lucky Guy” is a happy blend of Jimmy Buffett “tropicality” and groovy Americana. I enjoyed his set at 3rd & Lindsley, but would love to see him play in his preferred waterfront setting, like at a Daytona Beach summer festival or similar.

Speaking of summer festivals, Jay will be hosting Saturday’s All-Star Jam at this year’s Hotel Carolina festival, which takes place August 27th and 28th, and will feature performances by Benjy Davis Project, Jay Nash, Josh Hoge, The Bridges, Joe Firstman, and many more. More Info HERE: (

If you’re looking for some stress-free, feel-good, sand-between-you-toes music – lend Roy Jay an ear.

Roy Jay – Prettiest Girl in Wal-Mart

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