Interview w/ Butcher Babies

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Interview w/ Butcher Babies

We sit down the Carla Harvey and Jason Klein of the Butcher Babies, Century Media’s newest signed band, to talk about their debut album, comics, and more on the opening tour day for the 2013 Rockstar Energy Mayhem Festival.


Alex: First of all, I want to say congratulations on landing a contract with century media and being a part of mayhem festival, and now, releasing a debut album.

Both: thank you!

Alex: You guys have so much stuff going in right now, how do you feel?

Carla Harvey : It’s been a pretty hectic year. I don’t even think sometimes that’s its hit me because I haven’t had time to set back and like and just focus on it. It’s been going full throttle since signing with Century Media. We’ve had to tour with Marilyn Manson, and as soon as we came home, we started writing the album and recording it, and now we are on Mayhem, immediately after that, so it’s hard it take it all in. Of course, we are all extremely excited.

Alex: Can you guys tell us what the writing process was like for Goliath?

Carla: Yeah, it was a really incredible experience for all of us, because we got to sit in a room with each other for like a month for eight hours a day and our only job was to write a record. We’ve put a lot of things in the back burner to do that, you know like relationships, work, we all got broke as shit just writing our album, but we knew it was important to make something we were proud of. We knew we had to put the time and effort into it and we did and we’re so happy how it turned out.

Alex: Can we expect a hometown show in LA/Hollywood to celebrate the new album once Mayhem is over?

Carla: The only show we are playing in LA that we’ve booked so far is actually Rob Zombie’s Great American Nightmare, and I believe we play October 26th (note: date is correct). That’s gonna be a really cool event. I think it’s out in Pomona then?

Jason Klein: Yeah, Pomona.

Alex: You guys are actually perfect for the whole vibe, so it’ll be really cool to see you there.

Jason: (Laughs) yeah!

Carla: yeah, it’ll be really cool.

Alex: The band is getting a lot of positive attention throughout the metal community, what has been your reaction to the support from metalheads?

Carla: you know, there’s always mixed reviews. There’s always people that are gonna hate you because you’re a female fronted metal band, but we’ve mostly got a ton of positivity, and especially after people actually see our shows, they love it. I don’t like every kind of music, so I don’t expect everyone to love us, but at least give it a listen.

Alex: I’ve never heard anything bad about you guys.

Carla: awesome! That’s great, I love it!

Jason: there’s a lot of people that like to talk bad about us

Carla: but we’ve worked out asses off, and we’ve made a good album, so they can’t take that away from us and were having a great time with our best friends doing it and touring the world.

Alex: How does the band deal with negative reactions?

Carla: We don’t read it, we don’t care, you know.

Jason: All it’s gonna create is negative energy and we don’t need that. All we gotta do is keep doing what were doing, and apparently, it’s working.

Carla: it’s hard enough to be on the road five weeks without your family, and we’re still at a stage where we have to struggle a little bit, you know what I mean?. We have enough things going on where you start reading into the negativity and you’ll go downhill, for sure.

Alex: Like I’ve seen, there’s no negativity that I’ve seen so far.

Carla: that’s awesome I love that. It’s mostly positive, it is.

Jason: I was surprised, there Were some some like “I’ve heard of you guys last night and and i came to the show and I didn’t know you guys can do that.

Alex: It’s gotta help that Revolver is pushing you guys.

Both: yeah!

Carla: Revolver and Serius XM… Liquid metal and Octane have been playing our stuff, you know, huge thanks for them for doing that and getting our stuff out there.

Alex: What do you guys want to take from touring mayhem festival, like grow your fan base?

Carla: We wanna expand on our fan base for sure. We think that Mayhem Festival is the best way to connect with the most people in North America, but you never know when this could be over. This could be the last thing we do, hopefully we won’t, hopefully we have another album coming out and we’ll so a lot of great things. So whatever we do, we try and have a great time and enjoy each others company…

Jason:live for the moment.

Carla: yeah, exactly, live for the moment.

Alex: What advice can you give to bands trying to make it out there? You guys have a success story and you guys are fairly young…

Jason: just keep working out. If you want it bad enough, you’ll get it.

Alex: Carla, I know you’re a big comic book fan, does it bother you that you won’t be attending comic-con this year?

Carla: We actually might go! Century media might be flying us out to go one day…

Jason :( laughs) yeah!

Carla: so we hope we go to it. We have a Comicbook that I wrote and people love it, so hopefully we’ll have it available there. I think we’ll be doing the Thursday [date,] but it’s not for sure, yet.

Alex: Actually, that’s great, because I’ll be down there that day.

Carla: awesome! Make sure you come day hi to us.

Alex: Fur sure! Speaking about the comic book, can you tell us a little about that?

Carla: yeah, I wrote it and Anthony Winn from Striperella, he also drew Wolverine, he illustrated it [Butch Babies Comic] . So it gives a origin story of the Butcher Babies. I think metal and comics go hand and hand. When I was a kid, that’s all I did all day was read comic books and listen to metal, and there’s a lot of people out there like me. It’s gotten a lot of great reviews people love. It adds a great mythology to the band.

Alex: Anything else that you guys would love to add before we wrap up this interview?

Carla: We just wanna say thank you guys for being fans and thank you for supporting us, we really appreciate it.


Butcher Babies (Face Book)

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