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Bison B.C. came through Nashville to play The End a week ago, and we were impressed. They were unique, and incorporated a lot of changes in their orchestration. They have the underground hardcore aggression that I indulged in back in my Earth Crisis and Bane days, but with mainstream qualities that softened the blow. It’s still very hard, but the mixing of genres adds dimension and diversity. It’s obvious that every member in Bison B.C. is a talented and experienced musician, and adds their own influential contribution to the band’s overall sound.

I found out how real these guys are after speaking with guitarist, Dan And, following the show about the goals of the band. And has been touring indie-style for 10 years and still loves it. He says Bison B.C.’s objective is to keep touring and writing music. It doesn’t seem as though there’s a hidden agenda, or some grand stardom fantasy – just making music and getting the name out there. What happens, happens – but, as long as their playing music for a living, that’s the dream.

I always find it funny how the most intimidating bands are the coolest to talk to in person.

Bison B.C.’s “Quiet Earth” came out last year on Metal Blade Records. Find out more about the band HERE!

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