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Dear Nashville (minus the coolest kids in town),

Where the hell were you last night? How could you miss the crazy awesomeness that went down at Exit/In? Har Mar Superstar molested our eyes, ears, and mind with his innovative dance moves and soulful sounds; I pity you…I do.

Yet, I’m selfishly happy at the same time; less people to share him with. Har Mar is a top-notch entertainer that doesn’t fall flat with a “meh” turnout. We danced with him, sang with him, drank with him – a couple girls even made out with him. So happy I caught that tweet from Exit/In, or I wouldn’t have known he was in town.

He rocked it out, over, under, and into a 30 second neck stand. For real – a 30 second neck stand. I wish I had a picture of it. Oh wait, my new friend Jenny does:

Check out Jenny’s Blog: Click HERE

He reminded me of an artist named Kennedy that I used to see all the time, but Kennedy has more of a hip hop flavor, and Har Mar Superstar is more R&B. Also, Kennedy doesn’t strip down into his underwear – extra points for Har Mar.

The music was nothing but dance-time fun; a lively band layered with powerful backing tracks, and Har Mar’s smooth vocals carried an impressive falsetto. His banter between songs was hysterical. My favorite quote was to a girl handing him a Jager shot: “I’ll drink half now…and half in your dreams.”

The final number – an acapella cover of “It’s So Hard to Say Goodbye to Yesterday” while costumed in see-through pink genie pants. Awkward, but captivating, and believe it or not, it sounded great.

Nashville, please don’t make this mistake again. Welcome Har Mar Superstar with the grand crowd he deserves, and show up the next time.


PS. Be sure to subscribe to the Crappy Holidays YouTube Channel.  One of Har Mar’s many projects!


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