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I was lucky enough to score a quick interview with the guys from Honor Society before the Jonas Brothers concert in Nashville. Honor Society is signed to the Jonas Brothers’ label under Hollywood Records, and are currently on tour with the JoBros.

Minutes prior to this interview, I chatted with a co-worker who has worked with Honor Society and is a big fan. I told her, “I hope I don’t fall in love,” to which she replied, “Oh, you will.”

I was smitten immediately. They are nice guys with legit talent that have been given the opportunity of the lifetime, and are prepared and focused on making the most of it.

I caught Honor Society’s set before the Jonas Brothers, and listening to them live is much different than the recordings I have heard.

The recordings are processed and pop-driven, and in their live show you can hear more rock influence. I love both. It doesn’t hurt to be versatile. I think I even caught some Journey-like instrumentals in some songs. Me likey.

The vocals are clearly aimed at a younger audience, but I think once these guys get the following they surely will receive, they can mature their sound and try new things. I would LOVE to see these guys tour with Jada.

Check out Honor Society on Myspace: www.myspace.com/honorsociety

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  1. Amanda says:

    Ohhhh I totally agree… Jada & Honor Society would be the most amazing show ever! Both are soo great it would be perfect.

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