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Lorn interviews Little Boots after her DJ set at the Nocturnal Music Festival

It was the night before Nocturnal and I went on a walk listing to KCRW on my kick ass Walkman from 1992. I didn’t know who the DJ was but I was ROCKING out 4 sure. At the end of the set the DJ was reveled and her name was Little Boots(Victoria Hesketh). It just so happened that she was performing at the Nocturnal music festival the next day. I was amped! I rushed home and went to Little Boots Myspace page and listened to a all of her songs. I was impressed and decided to shoot her an email to see if she was available for an interview. She promptly responded and asked me to contact Paul from I Am Sound Records to set up the interview.   Do to scheduling issues I was only able to catch 30 min of Little Boots set.  I had a great time for those 30 min and wish i would have been able to see more of it.  Victoria was very cool and am glad I got to have a chat and join the cult of Little Boots

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