Live Nation + Ticketmaster = OMGZ

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Live Nation, Ticketmaster Merger Confirmed

So what does this mean for the concert goer?  Well, that’s to be seen.  However, you can be sure that competing concert promoters (i.e. AEG/Goldenvoice) will need to find some way to make a powerplay to stay competitive.  Now they aren’t just losing money to the ticketing service alone, but they will be forced to pay their direct competitor to do business, otherwise they will have to find/create some sort of alternative ticketing service.

After ending their contract with Live Nation it’s amazing that it took Ticketmaster less than 2 months to realize that they could not afford to do business with out the support of the company which is the largest concert promoter in the world.  Could AEG/Goldenvoice have made this same move?  Probably not, and certainly not now, but the challenge for them is now even greater.

Bottom line, concert goers will be happy to see that Ticketmaster is defunct, but will sorely soon realize it’s in name only.  (They are sticking with the name Live Nation Ent.)  The new conglomerate will likely continue to charge you ticket fees that often end up costing you more than the face value or advertised price of the ticket itself.  However, we can hold out hope that some sort of competitive force will step in to fill the void and bring some sort of justice to our world of rocking and rolling. -bryan

Justice Dept. To Probe Live Nation / Ticketmaster Deal
The Justice Department says it will investigate the proposed merger of ticketing giant Ticketmaster Entertainment Inc. with Live Nation Inc.

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  1. josh says:

    bryan, it’s too bad that LiveNation will probably overshadow any evil that TM ever had up it’s sleeve?

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