Lorn’s Picks – Top Ten Concerts of 2010

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Gee willikers what a year 2010 was. In all honesty I felt like a total loser this year, I only managed to attend 63 concerts vs the 116 I attended in 2009. Nonetheless, I still managed to see some pretty cool shows and even got a shout out from Soulja Boy Tell Em.

I sure did manage to rock the fuxk out this year! With that said here is my list of my top 10 favorite concerts of 2010.

Total Concerts Reviewed: 64

10. The Pixies @ The Joint (Ep.404)

This was the 4th time I had seen the Pixies and some how they got left off my top 10 of 2009 list.  After I saw this show, I was more than won over by The Pixies and had to squeeze them into this years top 10.

9. Nas and Damian Marley @ The Roxy (Ep.363)

This show was something special. It featured both NAS and Damian Marley solo sets along side songs from their joint effort “Distant Relatives.” The music was inspiring and the energy these guys brought to the stage has stuck with me throughout the year.

8. LCD Soundsystem @ The Hollywood Bowl (Ep.415)

I managed to see LCD Sounsystem 3 times this year, each time they put on a fantastic show but this show was extra special. It was the last show of the 2010 Hollywood Bowl season and I was surrounded by all of my closest friends. The show ended with a light sprinkle that left the attendees at the Bowl in aw.

7. Gorillaz @ Gibson Amp (Ep.418)

Gorillaz!! This show pulled out all the stops. Funky music, guest stars and incredible visuals. Damon Albarn managed to put on one of the most memorable shows of the year.

6. Manu Chao @ The Troubadour (Ep.417)

Boy oh boy was I excited when this show was announced! It had been years since I had seen Manu Chao and I had been waiting every moment since then to see him again. This show was intimate and heavy hitting, plus everyone seemed to be having a blast. Manu preformed as if he was in front of 20,000 people and really rocked the Troub.

5. Weezer – The Blue Album @ Gibson Amp (Ep. 425)

First off, to all you Weezer haters shove off! I love these guys! Def one of my all time favorite bands. The reason this show was put into the top 10 was simply due to the fact I honestly cant remember the last time I went to a show and sang along to every single song. I was into the show from start to finish and have to say these guys are still one of my favorite bands to see live.

4. Peter Gabriel @ The Hollywood Bowl  (Ep.357)

This is the odd ball of the top 10. I had never been much of a Peter Gabriel fan and heard his album of cover songs “Scratch My Back” was absolutely horrible. Nonetheless, Peter blew me away! He was accompanied by a full orchestra and used the Hollywood Bowl to its full potential.

3. James Taylor and Carol King @ The Hollywood Bowl (Ep.360)

This is another show I would have never thought would make my top 10. I went to check this one out simply due to boredom and the fact they sold out 4 nights at the Hollywood Bowl. I was shocked at how many songs I knew and James Taylor and Carol King’s amazing vocal powers.

2. Paul McCartney @ The Hollywood Bowl (Ep.341)

He’s a Beatle…. Sir Paul McCartney sold out 2 nights at the Hollywood Bowl this year, both of which were incredible performances. When Paul comes to town he comes to ROCK! He put a lot of energy and sincerity into this performance, as I believe he puts into every performance. Seeing him at the Bowl was nothing less then magical.

1. Roger Waters – The Wall @ Staples Center (Ep.428)

This show was by far the craziest thing I have ever seen in my life. I was engaged the entire performance by Roger’s Giant wall and opera like songs. At points in time I’m not entirely sure I was even able to hear the music because I was in such aw of the show.

Honorable mentions include:

Mumford and Sons @ The Palladium (Ep.416)

Too Short @ The Key Club (Ep.422)

Jane’s Addiction @ The Roxy (Ep.378)

Coolest things I saw this year include:

Peter Framton preforming “Black Hole Sun” @ The Greek (Ep.380)

Mumford & Sons bringing the Palladium to a hush as they preformed “Sister” (Ep.468)

Too Short preforming 2 Bitches at the same time with Clark Duke and Michael Cera @ The Key Club (Ep.422)

Soundgarden preforming at CBGB on the Paramount Studio’s lot.

James Taylor and Carol King butchering/rocking out “Locomotion” @ The Hollywood Bowl.

Well that was 2010 ….. Thanks to everyone who helped us out this year with tickets, interviews, and having an all around good time.  Big ups 2 Bryan Duckworth,Chrystal and Guy Heidemann, Tyson Phillips, Kimberly Dawson, Mark Doodi,Nic Adler, Brad Hoss, Bryan Linares  and everyone else that  gets the big picture.  We look forward to bringing you a lot more content  in 2011 and hell maybe even change the concert world for the better!  -lorn

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