Lorn’s Top 10 Concerts of 2009

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What an interesting year in concerts.  I only managed to make it out to around 106 shows this year.  Their are a lot of concerts I would have loved to have bragged about on this list

( Jayz Emeniem DJ Hero Party @ The Wiltern, Weezer + Blink 182 + Trv$AM T-Mobile party @ Paramount Studios, Bruce Springsteen @ The Los Angeles Sports Arena, The Alman Brothers @ The Greek Theater, Them Crooked Vultures @ The Roxy, Phoenix & Metric @ The Greek Theater, AFI @ The Roxy, Ice Cube @ The HOB Sunset Strip, Ghostland Observatory @ The Key Club, Grizzly Bear @ The Troubadour, Green Day @ The Henry Fonda Music Box, Van Morrison @ The Orpheum, Diplo and Lil Jon party @ da hood of Miami, RATATAT @ The Hollywood Palladium, Matt and Kim @ The Troubadour, Animal Collective @ The Troubadour,  Franz Ferdinand @ Amoeba Music, and many more)

but chose not to.

Instead I complied a list of shows that totally impressed and will most likely live on in my memories for a long time to come.

#10 Mike Snow @ Spaceland – I had heard a gang load of buzz about these guys but never really bothered to listen to them until the night of this show.  I thought it was really cool that they were the opening band and refused to play until everyone that was stuck outside standing in line made it into the show.  Overall great music and a band I strongly suggest seeing.

Ep.285 – Miike Snow @ Spaceland – Silver Lake, CA

Photo by Apartment 41

#9 Andrew Bird @ The Greek Theater – Another pleasant surprise and artist I honestly never took the time to listen to.  The show was very mellow and full of heart.  This was one of the most relaxing nights of the year in my personal opinion.  Andrew Bird is not only a fantastic singer but a stellar violinist.

Ep.248 – Andrew Bird @ The Greek Theater – Los Angeles, CA

#8 Slipknot @ The Hollywood Palladium – This was only the second time in my life I had the chance to see Slip Knot, and WOW.  They know how to work a crowd!  Even if you are not a fan of the music or the style of music for that matter, all you want to do is jump around and go crazy.  At one point during the show a security guard came up to me in the photo pit and told me I need to stop jumping around because I was being unprofessional.  LOL  Slipknot will do that to you.

Ep.302 – Slip Knot @ The Hollywood Palladium – Hollywood, CA

#7 The Sounds @ The Key Club – I think this was only my second time seeing The Sounds.  All I can really say about this show is that I was unable to stop jumping around and was fully captivated the entire time and left the show drenched in sweat.

Ep.256 – The Sounds @ The Key Club – Los Angeles, CA

#6 Elvis Costello @ Amoeba Music – This show was the perfect way to spend a day off.  A lot of people weren’t fans of Elvis Costello and the Sugar Canes but I am all ways down for some old timey music.  Especially with a showman like Elvis behind it.

Ep.238 – Elvis Costello @ Amoeba Music – Hollywood, CA

#5 Method Man, Red Man, RZA, and Ghostface Killah @ The HOB Sunset – I remember for some reason hating Method Man and Red Man in high school.  Maybe because I was a rocker kid and hated hip hop and had never been impressed with live hip hop shows.  Method Man and Red Man definitely changed the world of hip hop for me and showed me the meaning of being a real hip hop MC.

Ep.263 – Method Man, Red Man, RZA, and Ghostface Killah @ The HOB Sunset Strip

#4 The Pixies @ The Palladium – Not going to lie.  I had such a good time at this show I don’t remember it.  I did how ever go back the next night and it was equally rocking.  A Pixies fan for life no doubt.  Lets just hope that they decide they want to tour Surfer Rosa some time soon.

Ep.304 – Pixies @ The Palladium – Hollywood, CA 11/04/2009

Photo by Scott Kampmeyer for the LAist

#3 – Santigold at Sasquatch Day 3 @ The Gorge – I have to to be honest Santigold made me cry at this show.  Maybe it was the crazy dance party she started, her angelic voice, or the entire production.   What ever it was, I will most likely never miss another Santigold performance in my life.

Ep. 219 – (Santigold) Sasquatch 2009 day 3 @ The Gorge – George , WA

#2 Nine Inch Nails @ The Wiltern – This was it! (possibly) the last Nine Inc Nails concert ever.  I had originally wanted to go to all 4 of Nine Inch Nails final Los Angeles shows .  The Echoplex was scheduled to be the very last NIN concert ever, but do to Trent Reznor taking ill after a rough and gritty Palladium show, the remaining dates of the Wave Good Bye tour were rescheduled.  This in effect caused the Wiltern show to be their very last performance.  Tickets were more then sold out.  But thanks to a good friend I magically found my way inside the Wiltern and was treated to a 3 hour set.  I can only hope that one day Trent Reznor decides that he wants to tour as NIN again.

Ep.276 – Nine Inch Nails @ The Wiltern – Los Angeles, CA

#1 The Ting Tings Glow-in-the-Dark Paint Party @ a basement in Hollywood – WOW.  Ting Tings Glow in the Dark Paint Party!  What an experience.  I am not sure I have ever or will ever have this much fun again.  It was such a trip being able to throw paint at all of my friends and perfect strangers all while acting like the mad man I am.

Ep.279 – The Ting Tings Glow-in-the-Dark Paint Party @ a basement – Hollywood, CA

Photos from LA.com

Thanks to Bryan and Chrystal for all of their hard work and for making 2009 such an epic year for YTC.  I am excited and scared for the 2010 concert season but know there are great things on the horizon for this blog. Thanks to everyone for your support and lets keep on rocking in the new year. _lorn

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