Major Lazer (Diplo + Switch) Party @ Bar Marmont – Hollywood,CA – 04/22/09

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Lorn, Bryan and crew roll to the Bar Marmont for the Major Lazer event and see the likes of Diplo, Santigold, Switch, Andy Milonakis, Spankrock and Amanda Blank

Major Lazer record release party concert review 

The party was moved from the Chateau Marmot pool to Bar Marmot, which is significantly smaller in space.  I was told by someone that the Fire Marshal had refused to allow the party at the pool.  Bummerz!  It all worked out though.

Major Lazer                                     Photo by Drew Tewksbury from LA Weekly

This party had some serious craziness going on.

1. The bar reached its “maximum” capacity (90?) at 9:30 pm (30 min after opening its doors)

2. Lorn was told he was not on the list by the door guy, BadLad. (It turns out he was)

3. It took a little over an hour to get in to the club (It wouldn’t have been so bad if the door guy actually paid any attention to what we were saying)

4. Santigold, Andy Milonakis, Spankrock and Amanda Blank were all MCing during Major Lazer’s  set

5. They were originally just supposed to hand out free Red Stripes but by the end of the night it was a full on open bar.

6. Santigold was having trouble getting out of the club but Lorn helped her get out and was rewarded with a big hug and a thank you.

7. Andy Milonakis was the only person who would actually talk with us.

8. When Lorn went to talk with Switch he grabbed on to his hand and pulled him through the window of the car and started to drive off. (Some seriously scary shit but you got to do what you got to do when you are a rock and roll journalist)

Major Lazer

Extra Special Highlight from the Evening:  Lorn yelling at the cabbie after taking us home because he was hitting on Kimberly.  “What the fuck did he just say??  That’s sexual harrassment!!  Don’t pay!”  Then running off.

Ep.242 – Major Lazer Day 2009 – Los Angeles, CA

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