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Although this post isn’t concert-related, I can assure you that I will be covering a Grand Magnolias show as soon as the chance becomes available.

If you watched American Idol last week, you couldn’t miss Paul McDonald from the Nashville auditions deservingly make the top 24 contestants. Music City will have a few singers in the main competition, but McDonald has a most inimitable voice. As my fellow couch potato judge put it, “it’s almost like a clean Dylan,” or maybe it’s what my co-worker described as a “modern Rod Stewart.”

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After listening to his band’s (The Grand Magnolias) album several times last week, Gavin Degraw and Jason Mraz come to mind in way of song composition. Idol viewers are going to be surprised at his versatility and what he can do with that voice.

The Nashville contestants we have seen shine on the show have been excellent singers, but after living in this city for a couple of years – they don’t portray the musical culture that exists here – the songwriter; the love and talent for writing and creating music, not just singing and performance.

There’s a little bit of everything in Nashville, and a lot of love for Country. But as you move away from the honky-tonks and into the rest of the city’s venues, you find a lot of artists with a Folk and earthy base, mixing and matching sounds and styles; adding soul, southern rock, and everything else to find what clicks for them. They own their voices and work with their limitations to make it part of their charm and character. They collaborate with the accompaniment, not trying to overpower it. They feel their lyrics, and perform from the heart and not for the spotlight. They let the performance come naturally.

Paul McDonald has this on lock, and honestly might be too polished for American Idol. If he’s this good already, I can’t wait to see where he goes.

So, the point of this post? I think Paul McDonald is a great Idol rep for Nashville and want I everyone to check him out and vote for him. He may not be what the show is used to or what he’s used to as a musician, but the further he gets the more exposure he’ll get.

He has come off as a perfectly packaged and professional artist from the beginning – even in the holding rooms during the initial auditions. This concludes my campaign for Team Paul. Watch, vote, and promote! 

Click here for my sister’s photos from the Nashville auditions. 

The Grand Magnolias – Sing Out

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  1. thegrandmagnolias says:

    We are flattered by this article Chrystal. It's very rewarding for us to get this kind of recognition after so many years of hard work. Thank you

  2. so curious to see what happens with Paul on Idol. props to him and the Grand Magnolias for having it so together.

  3. I was also there to watch this show live that I have enjoyed the most and I really like to see the same exciting show once more. So if there is anything active I am sure to get the updates.

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