Ep.99 – Nine Inch Nails @ The Forum – Inglewood,CA – 09/06/08

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Lorn, Bryan, Chrystal, Josh, and Trip catch Nine Inch Nails Lights Over North America Tour at The Forum and get fan reviews of the show.

Oh my Lordy, I love Nine Inch Nails. Seriously, I think Trent is connected with another dimension or something. He’s universally a genius – in music, multimedia, poetry, art, and friggin’ life in general.

I was a huge fan when I was a teenager. Back then, listening to Nine Inch Nails just made me angry at the world and sad, but for some reason, I loved it. Now, I feel that the music has become more “eye-opening” than destructive, and I still love it.

The same can be said when comparing shows. I recall the concert that I went to as a teenager as being fun and crazy, but really disturbing. It opened with a freak show, which was cool, and then the concert itself was awesome to watch, but made me sick to my stomach at the same time. The images were depressing, which fit the music, but thank God I wasn’t on anything, because I would’ve had a bad trip.

Saturday’s show had a completely different feel. I was on the floor, which automatically made it a better experience. The light show was indescribable just beautiful. There were so many different effects, scenes, and emotions involved in the production that I was intrigued the entire time. The wow factor was comparable to something like Cirque Du Soleil. You should really check out some of the videos on youtube, or better yet go see the show if you have the opportunity. It’s an experience you will never forget.


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  1. Chrystal says:

    I love when the helicopter flies by in this vid…6:58. This just may have been my favorite concert this year…besides NKOTB.

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