Photos – Lucha Va Voom (Lucha Is For Lovers) @ The Mayan – Los Angeles, CA – 2/16/12

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Although the main focus of You Tell Concerts is music we love to branch out and are pleased to share these photos of Lucha Va Voom’s Lucha Is For Lovers from one Mr. Jorge Meza. If you were lucky enough to catch one of the Lucha If For Lovers performances make sure to comment on this post and let us know what you think! – Poppinoff

Lucha Va Voom (Lucha Is For Lovers) @ The Mayan

“LUCHA VaVOOM’s renowned Mexican masked wrestling/burlesque/comedy performance titled “LUCHA IS FOR LOVERS” was a three-night engagement (Feb 14/15/16) at The Mayan in downtown Los Angeles. Founded in Los Angeles in 2003 by Rita D’Albert and Liz Fairbairn, Lucha VaVOOM is good vs. evil played out in quick, exhibition-style, one-fall Lucha Libre matches for maximum enjoyment and action. In between matches, the finest handpicked burlesque acts from around the world wow the crowds with their unique striptease skills, including raucous aerial acts, pogo-stick peelers and hula-hoop hotties. They’ve searched the world’s dungeons, sumptuous theaters, and sweaty Mexican wrestling dens for the kinkiest performers they could find.

Arguably more rock than rock and more punk than punk, Lucha VaVOOM has created a Los Angeles tradition: from the low-rider car parade escorting the performers as the crowd enters the iconic Mayan Theater, to the local luminaries they attract (Drew Carey and Jack Black have sat in), to Burlesque (which was revived right here in Los Angeles), to Lucha Libre, where masked heroic wrestlers, in character-driven style, flip, fly and amaze.  It all comes together to make one fun, surreal, glam-bam spectacle of raucous entertainment.”

Photos – Lucha Va Voom @ The Mayan

Lucha Va Voom

Photos by Jorge Meza

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