Recap – Coachella 2011 – Day 2 – Indio, CA – 04/16/11

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Well, it has almost been 2 weeks since the epic-ness that was Coachella. The recovery process took well over a week, and consisted of me waking up in the middle of the night thinking Coachella hadn’t even happened yet.

Boy, oh boy, was I bummed when I realized that Coachella had already happened! I decided it was time to reflect on the fest, yet again.

Day 2 was the shortest of the 3 for the HAPPY COACHELLA crew. We all went all out on Friday night, and spent a good portion of Saturday laying around by the pool trying to recuperate. I had intended on hitting the fest by 5pm, so I could see Cage The Elephant ( who I heard was absolutely incredible). Unfortunately, I wasn’t moving all that fast, and didn’t manage to actually get to the fest until around 7.

The sun was getting closer to setting, so it wasn’t unbearably hot and there was a delightful breeze that made it perfect for sitting on the grass and listening to bands.

I started my day of with The Kills. I had seen The Kills several years before when they were on tour with The Raconteurs. I was very impressed and looked forward to seeing them at Coachella.

Their set was vibey and featured some incredible guitar riffs throughout. I found the vocals to be to low and  it was hard to hear the lyrics throughout. Nonetheless, I caught most of the set and thoroughly enjoyed myself.

Next, I headed over to the Coachella main stage to catch the act everyone seemed to be talking about throughout the weekend and for several weeks prior – Mumford & Sons.


Mumford & Sons owned the stage and captivated the crowd. There is just something about their old-timey sound that puts you in a good mood. This was my second time seeing Mumford & Sons, and it def met my expectations. I am sure they also gained tons of new fans after this performance.

After Mumford finished up, I decided to kick it at the main stage and drink lemonades until Animal Collective came on. I had seen Animal Collective a few times and was really excited about seeing their set. Unfortunately as soon as Mumford finished, the crowd greatly diminished and it seemed like no one was really into the Animal Collective set.

I stuck around for about 3 or 4 songs, then decided to bounce over to Empire Of The Sun. I wish Animal Collective would have played a smaller stage. I dig their music, but think the main stage was too much for them to handle at this point in their career.

Empire Of The Sun ended up being the perfect choice. From the moment they hit the stage, myself and the entire HAPPY COACHELLA crew were getting their groove on. It was a nonstop dance party! These guys put on one hell of a show. Both the music and the stage theatrics were above par and worth checking out.


I did hear a few people say they didn’t dig the set, but all I have to say in response to that is ” To each their own.”  This set was in my top 5 of Coachella.

The night was nearing the end, and there were just a few more acts I wanted to catch. Arcade Fire was at the top of the list, and not to my surprise, was fantastic. The set had everything you could possible want from the Arcade Fire. They always deliver an incredible performance and have no trouble captivating the audience.

I didn’t end up sticking around for their entire set because I wanted to catch the Scissor Sisters. I didn’t realize what I had missed. I def had a blast at the Scissor Sisters, but people just kept talking about the Arcade Fire balloon drop.

Although I missed what was the total awesomeness of the ending of the Arcade Fire, I danced my face off at the Scissor Sisters and that was well worth it. For those of you who haven’t seen the Scissor Sisters before, you have missed out on dancing pandemonium.

The great thing about their set is they are all about being yourself and having as much fun as you possible can. I can safely say I made a total ass out of myself during their set. I spent most of it running back and forth across the tent jumping as high into the air as I possible could and don’t think I could have been any happier.

That was the end of Coachella Day 2… or so we thought. The Happy Coachella crew highlight of the night/weekend was still to come. We were still rocking the boom case and some how manged to get several hundred people to dance their way to the parking lot with us. It was incredible - so many people still down to get down. Thanks to the power of the Boom Case, the Happy Coachella crew was able to make it happen.

Well, that’s my recap of Coachella day 2. I am sorry that these recaps are getting further and further from Coachella, but I am trying to relive it for as long as possible so expect tons more vids and pics in the following weeks. -lorn

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