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Photo Credit: Karen Lee Defriez

It was a somber weekend in Nashville. Music City lost a well-respected on-air personality and just an all-around good guy, Curtis “Scooby” Senior. Scooby had been part of the 101.1 The Beat team (WUBT) with the Dolewite & Scooby show since the station signed on ten years ago. He wasn’t only a voice on the dial, but a recognized face out on the town, hosting events and promoting local artists.


Celebrating The Life of “SCOOBY” – Highway 2 mars from Ray Zate on Vimeo.

I’m a fan of a healthy blend of nationally syndicated and local programming on a radio station, and The Beat does just that. However, the local element is obviously essential and the most powerful part of a station’s character, and Dolewite & Scooby are a prime example of how a radio team should execute the power of the airwaves.

The impact made was proven by the turnout at Saturday night’s candlelight vigil for Scooby. At 10:11 friends, family, co-workers, and fans gathered outside of the station for about an hour and a half sharing stories and memories about Scooby.

Video Credit: YouTube User joerilladrums

One young lady shared some words that resonated with me and would surely make Scooby proud. She’s in the military and has been a fan of the radio show since she was a kid. She mentioned how therapeutic it was for her on breaks to be able to turn on the radio in her car and listen to the show while driving. It was a comfort of home and helped clear her head of the traumatic experiences she had.


Besides being a big name in the Hip-Hop community, I can say he was a breath of fresh air in the office. He’d always wait and hold the door you, even if you were a flight of stairs away. Just taking a look at his office décor would put a smile on your face, like the sarcastically sarcastic sign that said, “Come on in. I have all the time in the world for you.” I didn’t know him well, but from the stories shared at the vigil, you can tell that he never turned anyone away. Scooby had such a welcoming aura about him and never came off as pompous, as many do in the entertainment industry. It’s such a shame to see such a good person leave us so soon.

Scooby was just 32 years old. Please keep him, his family, and the 101.1 The Beat team in your thoughts and prayers.

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