Review – Engelbert Humperdinck @ Prairie Meadows Event Center – Altoona, IA – 11/2/13

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Review – Engelbert Humperdinck
@ Prairie Meadows Event Center

The near capacity crowd at Prairie Meadows Event Center anxiously awaited 1970′s heartthrob Engelbert Humperdinck to take the stage Saturday night. Videos covering highlights of his career and a hilarious explanation of how Arnold George “Gerry” Dorsey became Engelbert Humperdinck, preceded the legendary singer’s appearance.

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Greeted on stage by the screams of many elderly women, Engelbert dove into a cover of the Santana/Rob Thomas song “Smooth”. Very fitting. 46 years after his career took off he is still smooth, and still cool enough to cover that huge contemporary hit.  Still sporting sideburns and long locks, he was in great shape and surprisingly has stayed away from the surgeon’s knife so many aging crooners opt for, he looked great for 77 to say the least. Engelbert’s voice so strong and  powerful that he had to hold the mic  a foot away from his mouth so he wouldn’t drown out the band.
After performing one of his signature classics, “Am I That Easy to Forget”, he launched into a mock striptease losing his jacket, his ascot, and unbuttoning his shirt all while belting out a crowd favorite “You Make My Pants Want to Get Up and Dance”. If anyone was doubting Entgelbert’s appeal, I have to say he  is still a sex symbol and has the to moves to prove it. I don’t know if he’s ever had his hips replaced, but he can swivel them like they are brand new. Twerking might be a new word to describe what Miley Cyrus or Justin Bieber do, but it’s an old technique best left to the old pros like Engelbert.

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The set included a great selection of his hits; “Quando”, ” Lonely is the Man”, “After the Lovin”, as well as covers of greats by Celine Dion and Bruce Springsteen. Engelbert’s deep and smooth voice made them entirely his own. Englebert is currently touring in support of his upcoming release ”Engelbert Calling” an album composed  of duets with some of music’s biggest names; Elton John, Smokey Robinson, Willie Nelson, even Gene Simmons from KISS. We were treated to 2 samples from that album, “The Way You Look Tonight”, with Elton’s part prerecorded, and also the Willie Nelson duet “Make You Feel my Love”. Both sounded amazing live and this upcoming release will be a must have.
One thing I love about Engelbert is that he is not just a great singer, he is an entertainer. He tells jokes, actually funny ones, and stories and talks about his life and career, and does some pretty dead on impersonations. He did Dean Martin so well, in both his drunk and sober personas, and while impersonating Willie Nelson, he changed the lyrics to the song to jokingly reflect Willies lifelong marijuana habit.

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Returning to a medley of his biggest hits, “There Goes my Everything, “Spanish Eyes”, “Release Me”‘, the “Humperdinckers” (the technical name for Humperdinck groupies) danced and cheered. It was beautiful to see a generation of older fans reliving the music of their day.Engelbert ended the show with Morris Albert’s 70′s soft rock smash “Feelings”, and sang it with so much emotion that the stage was rushed by the Humperdinckers. Dozens of ladies in their 60′s, 70′s and 80′s crowding the front of the stage. There was also a wheelchair or 2 in the mosh pit. At that point, Engelbert started throwing out his sweat scarves and I got to witness an incredible geriatric frenzy. How amazing that someone can still get his fans so excited and revved up, even at their advanced age! Engelbert can.
Some pretty lucky ladies got to take home a scarf, and it’s fortunate that he didn’t throw one in my direction because there might have been some injured old ladies after I tackled them to get one.

Great night, great show, great man. Engelbert Humperdinck is still cool, still hot, and still an amazing entertainer.

- Shelly Banks


Photos – Engelbert Humperdinck
@ Prairie Meadows Event Center

Photos by: Michael Bandow

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19 Comments to “Review – Engelbert Humperdinck @ Prairie Meadows Event Center – Altoona, IA – 11/2/13”

  1. Carol says:

    Enge is "all this" and more. Not easy to keep up with for we "elderly fans" but so worth the effort!

  2. Kim says:

    Shelly what a wonderful review you have written,wish I could have been there,my turn will come I"m sure,can"t wait,love him to death.
    Kim Vancouver BC

  3. Janet says:

    We saw him a couple of weeks ago at Winnavegas. He is a super entertainer, besides a beautiful singer. Enjoyed the whole show and you will never be bored at all. He stays on stage the whole show singing or telling jokes. Would go see him again in a minute. I didn't know it before, but I guess I am a Humperdincker!!

  4. Dreama K. Richards says:

    Great article and awesome photos of the Best Singer and Entertainer in the business. True God given talents. Gorgeous man also ! He is the real deal. The whole package. Pure Gold Talent on Stage !

  5. Fantastic, gorgeous photos of the GREAT ONE, his musicians and a wonderful article! I love your words.." great show…cool, still hot, amazing entertainer…." Great comments from the above fans,too! Speaking as one of the "Humperdinckers " ( since 1970) he is also the sweetest, fun, funny, kindest gentleman! Enge has generations following him….grandmothers, mothers, daughters and their mates ! ENGELBERT CALLING cd will be fabulous – wish we could pre-order! Thank you, Shelly Banks!

  6. Yuna Wolf says:

    I agree completely with my friend Nathalie!
    Enge is the most beautiful and romantic singer of the wide world !!!
    I thank you for this wonderful, great pictures from our one and only: Engelbert .!!!..
    I love all that he does . ..always do !
    Come one Enge…let your journey of music and romantic never ends !!!

    Kind regards Yuna

  7. Jan says:

    I also was at that show. always enjoyed the music, jokes,& songs. Can't wait for the new CD's.
    Hope I can see him again closer to where I live.

  8. Jan says:

    Eng is handsome, sexing, story teller, & the best singer ever. Waiting for the new CD's.

  9. Jan says:

    Hope to be able to visit with him some time, or go to dinner.

  10. MadeleineintheUK says:

    Engelbert's shows are a wonderful and special experience…Enge's superb voice, his humor, his deeply loving relationship with his fans and audience are all exceptional. Enge's fans range all generations and are male and female.

  11. @LouisdeMan says:

    I'm sorry to say fans, but the Engelbert of today is just a shadow of the singer he used to be. Being the best balladeer of the sixties, seventies and eighties, he now skips the high notes, and has his songs transposed to lower keys, because he can't hit the high notes anymore. Very often he is out of tune, it's so embarassing to hear this. But the fans keep coming, and he really believes he's as good as he was in sixties. I wish he would retire, just to protect his own image. It's pitiful now.

  12. LouisdeMan Sorry, friend, but you are 100% wrong!!! Enge's voice may be lower than it was in his early years, but it is still beautiful. We don't want him to retire – we so enjoy his concerts, and him. Maybe he doesn't do a flashy concert like Taylor Swift, with all the props etc., but if you want to hear some great music, performed by a man who is loved all over the world, Engelbert is the man to see!! He is one of the very last of the talented performers out there. I think you would probably prefer the "singers" of today, who wiggle, squirm, show off their almost naked bodies, screech and holler, to cover up for their lack of talent. Engelbert doesn't need to do that – his talent lies in his musicality. Many of us have been his fans for years and years, and we will continue to be, because we not only love and respect him, we know him, we know his family, we know how hard he works and we know how hurtful remarks like yours are to all of us. You have a right to express your opinion, this is mine.!!

    • @LouisdeMan says:

      No, I don't prefer the singers of today. I prefer the old ones: Elvis, Engelbert and Tom. And I'm a big fan of Enge's old work. I don't mean to offend anyone, but I'm shocked by the lack of musical hearing of the hardcore fans. How can they approve singing out of tune? Are they deaf? Even a lot of my friends, who are not in music, hear it, children hear it, adults hear it. Only the hardcore don't seem to hear it. I just want to protect the Hump's image.

    • @LouisdeMan says:

      And if you still don't get it, dear Shirley, listen to this:

  13. You are right on this particular song. But listen to one of his latest versions of "Love Is All" . (I don't know how to post a link, or I would find it for you.) Guess you will never convince me, and i will never convince you. So, the answer is, don't go to his shows, and I and his millions of fans throughout the world will go and be entertained by the best there is.!!! Your loss.

    • @LouisdeMan says:

      Indeed, "Love is all" is a great song, which he sang wonderful in the seventies. Couldn't find a recent version of it though. I went to see the Hump in many, many concerts, the last time was two years ago in Antwerp. There and then I vowed never to go to a new show anymore, so I will follow your wise advice. It was horrible: SO OUT OF TUNE, totally depressing. I want to remember Enge the way he was in the sixties, seventies and eighties: the best balladeer in the world. I wish all fans were as wise as me.

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