Review – Filter @ Courtside – Dubuque, IA – 7-17-11

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Filter @ Courtside in Dubuque, IA



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Filter comes to Iowa again; not to my hometown of Des Moines, but Dubuque this time. What, only a 3-hour drive on a work night to see Filter tear up the stage? Oh, give me some! This show was worth every bit of suffering the next day for lack of sleep! This was my third time seeing them, and I am seriously hooked. The new Filter album is one of those rare albums where every single song is great. I’m talking about “The Trouble with Angels.” I bought it right after I caught them here in Des Moines last winter, and I can’t keep it out of my CD player. Every couple of weeks, I manage to pick a new favorite song from it. It is arguably Filter’s best album to date. I could see every song on it being a radio hit.

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The crowd should have been much, much bigger. Do people not know how amazing these guys are? What’s the deal here? They take the stage and it’s a musical assault that kicks your butt for over an hour nonstop. They put a few ballads in there to mix it up just right. I like that in a show. Filter opened with a favorite of mine, “No Love.” After they kick your ass with that, they slow it down with a cover of ZZ Top’s “Gimme All Your Lovin’ ,” then go straight back to kicking your ass again!

Filter really knows how to bring it. Each band member is polished and tight. The crowd of a couple hundred (I’m guessing) responded well to the band. It was very in hot in the club, with Iowa in the midst of a heat wave, but that didn’t seem to bother anyone. Richard got into the show, climbing in, out, and over the crowd barricade several times. A few times I thought the fans were not going to let him go!


I’ve said it my it my last review of Filter, and I’ll say it again. This is a band that truly cares about their fans. They walk off stage and go straight to the merchandise table for a meet ‘n greet – photos and they’ll sign everything you got. How cool is that?  You go to see one of your favorite bands, and then you can hang with the guys, get your stuff signed and tell them how much you love them – no rock star attitudes here folks. Very down to earth, cool guys, that love their fans.

If you love Filter as much as I do, you need to see these guys…NOW! They have to be the most under-rated live band touring right now. In a way, it’s cool. You get to see them in an intimate setting and up close doing their thing. They are out touring with Saliva, Anew Revolution , and Heart- Set Self-Destruct. The tour, Under The Skin of Angels, just started here in the USA. Get your butt down to this show to have it kicked properly.

Photos – Filter @ Courtside – Dubuque, IA – 7-17-11

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7 Comments to “Review – Filter @ Courtside – Dubuque, IA – 7-17-11”

  1. Maggie says:

    I couldn't agree more. They truly are the best kept secret in rock right now . Thanks for trying to change that with this stellar review. It's so good to see them getting more of the attention they deserve. = ]

  2. Philthy says:

    I saw them in Jersey at the Stone Pony at the beginning of this tour and they were excellent. They don't get enough exposure because of the horrible state of radio today. Awesome show, and Richard and Phil hit the table right after the show for photos and signings and were very personable and gracious. The new CD is great too; my overall favorite is Title of Record. Hopefully they come back to Jersey or Philly! (if you read this Richard, keep the tour going and come back)

  3. Jonathan says:

    Filter were playing big shows 10 years ago,,,,,whats happened to that, really they lost alot of momentum when they disbanded back in 2002 but in reality they are still one of the best bands at the forefront of alternative rock in 2011, even though past members of the band have not rejoined the new lineup.

    If Filter, re-promote this album and it does well, you will expect big things from them with the next one.

    • 'The Trouble with Angels' is definitely in the midst of heavy promotion.. Things are beginning to look up for these guys once again! Just saw them this past Wednesday, August 17th, in Lexington, KY – it was my 28th time seeing them in concert – no shit ;) Been following FILTER for a LOOONNNNGGGGG time now – since before Short Bus even came out – over 16 years! Based on that I do believe they are at the top of their game right now – no holds bar! Thanks for supporting this amazingly talented band – keep up the good work!!

  4. I agree with this review 110% GREAT job goiving this band the props they deserve! ROCK ON – tatty

  5. ps – GREAT review – thank you for speaking from the heart..

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