Review – Lacuna Coil @ People’s Court – Des Mioines,IA 2-13-12

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Review – Lacuna Coil @ People’s Court – Des Moines, IA

Lacuna Coil

Lacuna Coil made a stop at People’s Court in Des Moines. They have been around here a few other times in their career, but I always missed them. Not this time!

The place had an decent crowd, but it should have been sold-out.  Just another case of people not knowing what they are missing. The ones who came were big fans and very pumped to see these guys. I really hadn’t listened to their music, so this was basically a totally new band for me.

I really liked the arrangement of having two vocalists trading off. It works very well with Cristina Scabbia and Andrea Ferro. This band hails from Italy. It seems like all my favorite bands come from Europe.

Cristina’s voice is very infectious. When they played their hit “Swamped,” and she was on her knees belting out the vocals…it blew me away. I love it when you hear a band play a certain song and it has such a strong affect on you. As they played that song, I knew right then that I needed this CD in my collection.

After some research,  I found they have six studio albums. Well, I just ordered three and will probably get the others.  Truly any metal fan would love seeing these guys live.

Some other high points of the show were “Heaven’s a Lie,” great song and very catchy. The song “Trip the Darkness” from the bands new album Dark Adrenaline and “Spellbound” from the band’s 2009 release, Spellbound, were the last songs of the evening. The show truly kicked my butt!

Pretty much their entire show consists of catchy and rockin’ tunes that should please any Hard Rock lovers appetite. I’m totally a new fan of this band and will be following their career. I hope they come back to the area again soon.

Lacuna Coil

This happened to be a show they were headlining, which was cool, so I got a really big dose of Lacuna Coil. They are out on the road right now on the GIGANTOUR which features Megadeth and Motörhead. I really hope they add more dates that are closer. That’s a show I’d love to see.

Definitely check out the Italian gem that is Lacuna Coil if they are in your area; you won’t be disappointed!

Visit for tour dates and more information!

Click here to see amazing photos from this Lacuna Coil show!

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