Review – Lazerfest @ The Balloon Grounds Indianola, IA 5-15-11

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Lazerfest 2011!!! This annual festival took place at the Balloon Grounds in Indianola Iowa on May 15th. This festival has come to be “THE BIG ONE” in the central Iowa area. The show each year is unique in who’s playing, weather, and of course, the craziness. This year’s lineup was – Facecage, Art of Dying, Escape the Fate, Rev Theory, My Darkest Days, Black Label Society, Saliva, Bullet For My Valentine, Theory of a Deadman, Three Days Grace, Avenged Sevenfold, and last but not least Iowa’s own Stone Sour. How’s that for a day of in-your-face rock music!

I’ve been to a few Lazerfest shows, and the weather is usually brutally hot and humid. This year, it was on the cool side. It rained the night before, so the audience was stuck dealing with standing in the mud all day. Most did not seem to mind it. I heard the total attendance was about 22,000.

The bands all sounded great. They incorporated a two stage setup, one next to the other. This worked really well. When one band was playing on one stage, the other stage was getting ready for the next act. There was very little downtime in between bands. I saw some pretty crazy things. Everyone has seen the crowd surfers, or another term I was told is ‘ pass the bitch;’ love it! Now seeing people being passed along is nothing out of the norm at a rock show, but how about a grown woman surfing in a wheelchair?


Photo Credit: Jim Weaver

My camera was not ready to go the moment that went down, but my good friend Jim Weaver another local photographer whom I went to the show with, managed to get the wheelchair going over the fence into the pit. Crazy!! How people managed to keep the woman surfing like that still blows my mind.

The bummer of the day was Queensryche was suppose to be there. They were not allowed to play. See my Queensryche review for all the details on that. I love these outdoor festival shows. This one had it all, drinking, nudity, mud mosh pits, and great music. Stone Sour co-headlining in their hometown made it a very special show. It was an amazing 12-hour concert I will never forget. I can’t wait till next year!

Check out my photo gallery for some amazing images.

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