Review – Nocturnal 2011 @ NOS Event Center – San Bernadino, CA – 09/23,09/24

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Nocturnal 2011 Review

This was only my second time attending the Nocturnal Wonderland music festival, and my 12th time attending an Insomniac event. As per usual, Insomniac brought it full force and delivered an experience unlike any other. This year was Nocturnal’s 15th anniversary and the first year that the festival took place over two days.

Day one of Nocturnal 2011 featured three stages, 24 DJs and hundreds of other performers. The first order of business when I arrived at Nocturnal was to check out the stage known as “Alice’s House.” “Alice’s House” was a two-story mega structure that was filled with giant speakers and had a roof that was covered with giant LCD screens. Alice’s House was the largest of all of the stages at Nocturnal and def the place to be throughout the weekend.


Photo by: Calvin Williams


Dirty South was on the decks and absolutely destroying it. There wasn’t a better way to start the night.  I spent Dirty South’s entire set in awe.  He def knew what he was doing. My highlight from Dirty South’s set would have to have been his remix of  “Save The World,”  it was a mind melter to say the least.


Photo by: Calvin Williams


I wandered around the festival grounds a good amount, but spent most of  Night One at “Alice’s House.”  It was just too amazing to leave.

Avicii was the next DJ to take hit the stage and the one that I was the most excited to see. I had caught Avicii at EDC and he more then impressed me. Avicii’s Nocturnal set was no different. There is no questioning it, this kid is soon to be one of the biggest DJs/producers in the world… and he is only 22.

The crowd was absolutely out of control throughout his set. My favorite parts of Avicii’s set would have been when he dropped his remix of Armin Van Buuren’s “Drowning,” and of course, his very own “Levels.” A few other DJs dropped “Levels” over the course of the weekend, but none of them made it nearly as magical as Avicii.

Feede Le Grand was the next DJ to perform at “Alice’s House.” I had never heard of Feede Le Grand before, but he def got the house a jumping. I did catch all of Feede’s set simply because one of my favorite DJs, 12th Planet, was closing out the “Sunken Garden” stage.


Photo by: Calvin Williams


For those of you who have caught 12th Planet before,  you know he always brings it and will stop at nothing to get a party started. 12th Planet was pretty much the only Dubstep that I heard on Day One of Nocturnal. The crowd at 12th Planet’s show was def one of the biggest of the weekend and proved that there should have been a lot more Dub at Day One of Nocturnal. There is no question in my mind that the best part of 12th Planet’s set is when he dropped “Hold On” and his remix of “Reasons.”

All in all, Day One of Nocturnal 2011 was a great success, although,  I wish the crowd had been a bit larger and not as spread out. Day Two of Nocturnal was still ahead of me and was sure to be an adventure.

Day Two of Nocturnal stepped it up by adding an extra two stages of artists and a massive crowd of party people. I started Day Two off at “Alice’s House” as that was always where the party seemed to be.  Michael Woods was the first act I was able to catch, and I def dug his style.  I returned to “Alice’s House” throughout the day and was also incredibly impressed by Gabriel & Dresden, Sebastian, and of course, Kaskade.

Kaskade brought the biggest crowd of the weekend and had “Alice’s House” bursting at the seems with people.


Photo by: Calvin Williams


In addition to the artists I caught at “Alice’s House,” I managed to catch Cosmic Gate featuring Emma Hewitt and Peacetreaty. I have to give a special nod to Emma Hewitt as she did an amazing job singing and MC-ing the Cosmic Gate set. Emma’s voice is absolutely spectacular.  She is someone you should be on the look-out for.

Peacetreaty brought it and held up to their reputation of being all-out party animals. I think if I had to pick one artist over the course of the weekend that got the most people moving – the award would go to Peactreaty.  Peacetreaty hit it hard and brought a fireball of energy to the “Queen’s Ground” stage.

In closing,  artists I wish I would have caught include:  Green Velvet, Savoy, and Dirtyphonics.  I didn’t know about any of them going into Nocturnal 2011, but everyone has been raving about them in the days following the festival,  so,  I am sure I missed out.

I def had a great time at Nocturnal, but kind of wish it would have just been one day.  I feel it would have resulted in a much larger crowd. Although there was a fantastic turn-out both days.  I think the fest would have had more epic moments if everyone would have been condensed into one day.

Regardless,  I can’t wait for Insomniac’s next event – “Escape From Wonderland. I’m sure it will live up to their legacy of epicness.

If you were at this year’s Nocturnal,  make sure to comment on this post an let us know what you think, because “When You Tell Concerts… It’s Cooler.” – Lorn


Nocturnal 2011 – Photos

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