Review – Sade @ Cricket Wireless Amphitheatre – San Diego, CA – 08/23/11

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This review of Sade’s show at Cricket Wireless comes from Michael Delgado. I met Michael at the Pacific Music Festival a few weeks back through a mutual friend. I have to say Michael knows how to get down and enjoy a show! I talked with Michael about writing for YTC and he said he would love to do something for us. With that said, here is Michael’s review of Sade @ Cricket Wireless Amphitheatre.


Sade @ Cricket Wireless Amphitheater Concert Review

I specifically remember the when news broke about Sade’s tour earlier this year, and it had been on my calendar even before a pair of tix came into my possession in June for my b-day (thanks D). Growing up listening to the music of Sade, I’ve pretty much considered myself a fan since I was able to talk. Even though lawn seats at Cricket Amphitheatre were upwards of $100, it was a ticket value that warranted it’s price tag for the simple fact that Sade, like many acts, only tours when there is a new album to promote. For Sade, however, her track record has been about one album every 10 years and waiting another decade for this experience was just not an option.


I know that generally the world stands divided when it comes to Sade. There are those from the school of thought that finds Sade’s music “too slow” and explain that they just fall asleep at her concert. Naturally, I come from a school of thought that believes all of those people have no soul…and it’s true for the most part, but I promise that this review will be as objective as possible.

Though I left the concert very satisfied, I did get the feeling that the band often took over at times when perhaps Sade’s voice would fall a bit short on delivery. It ultimately made the show that much more interesting and all of the guitar and sax solos brought a raw energy that took the overall reception of the songs to a whole new level. If you thought Sade was a one woman show before, you definitely stood corrected by the end of the first song. In fact if you think you might enjoy Sade minus the lead singer, checkout the group Sweetback.

All in all, Sade’s set list (below) was a quintessential “best of” with a healthy splattering of new material from the “Soldier of Love” album released in Feb 2010. A notable performance was Sade’s new song, “In Another Place,” sung to perfection and prefaced with an intro about the song’s meaning which actually caused me to listen to it in a whole new way. As for the classics, “No Ordinary Love” stuck out in my mind. They rocked it a little bit harder than what fans are used to from the studio album, but people ate it up. “Jezebel,” though lacking the upbeat groove present in most of Sade’s hits, gave me goosebumps during sax solo.

As for Sade, the persona and vocalist, overall her voice was fairly on point. Granted, they’re trying songs in a new way to mix it up both for themselves and the fans, but it seemed that maybe her voice was a bit tired from touring and/or the long nature of the concert (about 2.5 hours).  It seemed like Sade had to pick and choose where she could really belt it out, shying away from some hard notes and perhaps saving her voice for other songs. Blasphemous I know, but if there was one area of the performance that fell short that may have been it…trying to be fair here.

No matter where Sade may have come up short vocally, her bandmates, video/graphics and nostalgic tour photos all seemed to meld perfectly to create a pretty damn solid show. Even from my seats on the lawn, you could see Sade’s unique brand of subtle dancing and grooving – a calm and collected style of sultry stage presence that her name has become synonymous with.

In closing, Sade’s show was worth every penny. Next time around…I guess in 10 years or so, I’m definitely going to get a bit closer to the stage to pick apart every detail of the show and enjoy it that much more. – Michael Delgado

Sade @ Cricket Wireless Amphitheater Setlist 08/23/11

  1. Soldier of Love
  2. Your Love Is King
  3. Skin
  4. Kiss of Life
  5. Love Is Found
  6. In Another Time
  7. Smooth Operator
  8. Jezebel
  9. Bring Me Home
  10. Is It a Crime
  11. Love Is Stronger Than Pride
  12. All About Our Love
  13. Paradise
  14. Nothing Can Come Between Us
  15. Morning Bird
  16. King of Sorrow
  17. The Sweetest Taboo
  18. The Moon and the Sky
  19. Pearls
  20. No Ordinary Love
  21. By Your Side
  22. Cherish the Day


Sade Live @ Cricket Wireless Amphitheatre

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