Review – The International Swingers @ The Gas Lamp – Des Moines, IA 2-29-12

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Review – The International Swingers @ The Gas Lamp – Des Moines, IA

International SwingersMy first dose of  a Punk Rock show was nothing short of amazing! The International Swingers would be the show I’m referring to. When I heard that Clem Burke of Blondie was on drums, I knew it had to be worth seeing.

The show was set up in a unique way. It consisted of two sets. The first set had Glen Watson, formally of the Sex Pistols,  playing guitar and leading on vocals. For the second set, you got Hugh Cornwell, former frontman of The Stranglers. The same deal, he was on guitar and lead vocals. Both sets featured Clem on the drums and the well-respected Steve Fishman on the bass guitar. Steve has played with Paul McCartney and Roy Orbison. If that line-up doesn’t have some serious musical talent – nothing does!

The show was very laid back and took place at The Gas Lamp in Des Moines; a perfect place for seeing a killer show in close quarters. I would guess there was less than a hundred people there that night. I love intimate club shows like this.

Both sets rocked. These guys hail from Punk bands of one form or another, but they had a  Rock N’ Roll sound to them also. I would bet any Punk or Rock fan would love this. I went to this show without knowing any of the material – just showed up and hoped to hear something good. That’s exactly what happened.

The band was selling CDs in the back room on the pool table. After the show, all the guys were mingling around, signing anything and everything. The show was so good, I had to get a CD. I asked Hugh which of his five CDs he recommended. In his English accent he fired back, ‘I recommend the whole lot .’  It was so funny, I bought them all! All the guys were very fan-friendly and down-to-earth. No rock star ego going on there.

This tour isn’t very big; just a few dates scattered here and there in the USA and Canada. If they are in your area, I would highly recommend seeing them. They play a good three hours and tickets were very, very cheap (12 bucks). The amount of talent you are seeing for that price is unheard of. I’m hoping maybe a DVD of this will come out. For now, you can see them on Youtube.

Click here for amazing photos from this International Swingers show!

Visit for more information for on the The International Swingers!

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  1. Rocko says:

    The first set Glenn Matlock not Glen Watson. Other than that you wrote an excellent review!

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