Review – Ween @ The Wiltern – Hollywood, CA – 01/29/2011

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Guest Column + Photos by Cole Griffin

As the Sun went down in Hollywood California on January 29th, I was certain I was not going to attend my favorite band’s show at the Wiltern. Ween had sold out the venue in some messed up way to screw with my life! The doors open at 830pm and it was 7.  All of my pleading texts had come up with nothing but comedic responses or pep talks about how was the best way to score  tix to the show. Once I had actually resigned myself to going and rocking out with Dean and Gene, my phone rang and on the other end was Gina calling to tell me that her friend Jordan had fallen terribly ill and could not attend. The ticket was mine! I called Jordan and feigned apologetic to his situation and set it up to meet his friend, Avi, out front of the Wiltern at 9pm.

Fast Forward past two magic brownies and a drive to the show. I met Avi out front and we made small talk in the line that wrapped around the block.  It started to move pretty quickly after security stopped acting like they were working a South Central high school and soon enough we were in. There was a line for the beer bracelets, the beer itself and the bathroom but the vibe was light and fun in the venue as if we all knew these inconveniences were worth what was on the horizon… because they were.
The show started about 945 and the band opened with “Exactly Where I’m At.” Dean was in a childish mood with his guitar, taking every opportunity to solo which added an element of play to the show. He seemed to be communicating with the crowd through his axe and he was saying “Hey Bud, Let’s Party!” The show moved on with quite a few fun fast paced songs like “Johnny on the Spot” which was quite rocking. The band definitely felt as if they were playing “for us” as opposed to “to us.” Then, all of a sudden, the band took a left turn into psychedelia, starting with “The Argus” and continuing for some time. A very deep and time erasing section that was lit with moody blue lights and a plethora of fog. The fog was constant and definitely made you feel as if the pits of Hell were around the corner. It was Great!
“Roses are Free” brought the room back to its temperature and allowed for brains to be scooped up off the floor. The encore was a multi-song layout that featured a fun “Richard Smoker.” Also, a couple of covers addressed were “Let’s Dance”  by David Bowie and “Lucky Man.” All in all, the show was FUN! The crowd seemed satiated by the feast they had been force fed and hopefully all made it home safe. Till we Ween again. Good day.
The girl dressed up in the Chocolate and Cheese outfit was pr ivied to jump on stage after the show, before the encore to show off her hard work. I ran into her on the way out and we spoke for a moment. I said ” I can’t sleep with you” and she posed for this picture.
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