Review – Wombats @ Teatre Apolo – Barcelona, Spain – 05/21/11

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Here is a review Shant Kevonian from Barcelona Spain. Shant was kind enough to catch the Wombats and send his concert review our way. Thanks Shant I had never heard of  the Wombats before and def dig their stuff. I  hope to see more post from you in the future! -lorn

Here is some tunage to listen to while you check out Shant’s review of the Wombats.

The Wombats – Techno Fan – Afrojack Remix – OUT NOW by One More Tune

The Wombats @ Theatre Apolo


Photo from RobinFBRs Flickr

I only recently started listening to The Wombats so you can’t exactly say I’m a major fan. So going into this concert as one can imagine I didn’t have very high expectations. However this is not to say it wasn’t a fun night.

The Wombats appeared on stage like a robber in the night. No flashy lights, no ear deafening music, everyone was shooting the shit and all of a sudden there they were jamming away. The people in Barcelona aren’t like in America where they get loud and rowdy right off the bat, but gradually the insipid crowd opened up and changed what may have been a boring night to a memorable and enjoyable one.


Photo from RobinFBRs Flickr

When the crowd was jumping in a state of  ecstasy I could feel the vibrations of the synchronous landings throughout the building, and there were moments where I thought to myself “we’re going down” (this venue has 2 floors and the concert was played on the second floor).

At all times the Wombats  kept the crowd engaged with a hilarious attempt at speaking Spanish and Catalan (props to them for putting themselves out there and diving into the culture). The Wombats played a total of 15 songs , among them some well known titles such as Techno Fan, 1996, Moving to New York and Tokyo (Vampires and Wolves).

I had plenty of fun so I’d def say the Wombats are worth another watch. I just hope that the next time they come around I’ll see more special effects incorporated into their performance. – Shant Kevonian

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