Scion House Party @ The Roxy with Yacht

Bryan Jan 16th, 2009 | By
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Well, this was a free event and wasn’t really much of a hassle to get to, so it’s pretty difficult to complain in general. However, Yacht is just wretched. I have to say they are probably one of the worst live performance acts I have ever seen. It was just this guy and girl acting weird and singing in not-so-great singing voices about seemingly nothing interesting. Even the backing tracks that they were using were uninspired and just confusingly annoying. I will avoid Yacht at all costs.

Sorry to The Juan Maclean. I have been wanting to catch this guy for awhile now and I just seem to always miss him. I really wish Yacht hadn’t come on before you. I just couldn’t bear to sit through any more of it. We’ll catch you next time.

Classixx was enjoyable, but were overshadowed by T&T for me. The dual Tim’s were providing a much more groovy beat and I was able to get down to them.

All and all this event just made me more curious about whether I’m missing anything from The Juan Maclean, informed me to never be in the same room with Yacht ever again, and made me disinterested in Classixx.

Oh, and in case you are wondering… this show was so terrible most people didn’t even want to recollect it long enough to give any sort of an opinion on it. I just couldn’t bring myself to make this a full episode of YTC.

There are 2 more of these events next week in Miami and Austin. (Luckily without Yacht!)

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