So Sweet Records founders Tamie and Paul // Interview

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A couple weeks ago I had the pleasure of sitting down with So Sweet Records Co-Founders Tehmina Adaya and Paul Nugent.  I recently became aware of the label after attending Electric Daisy Carnival and Nocturnal Wonderland in 2009 where the best stages at both festivals were presented by none other than So Sweet Records.

Things to take away from this interview:

1. Tamie is pronounced TAY-mee NOT TAM-ee (Make sure to follow her on Twitter! @TamieAdaya)

2. The Hotel Shangri-La is a landmark in Santa Monica and has been around for over 70 years! (Follow the hotel on Twitter! @HotelShangrila)

3. So Sweet Records is an extremely versatile music company without bounds.  They are “pioneers of the new music industry establishment.” (Follow the label on Twitter! @SoSweetRecords)

4. Their latest release is Computer Club feat. Frankmusik – Losing Streak

5. If you visit the Hotel Shangri-La Penthouse Bar you should try the Tamie-tini!

Make sure to check out the new website launched by So Sweet just a few weeks ago and stay up to date on their latest releases, artist line-up, and live event schedule.

Artist Line-Up:

These are the kind of people that are simply looking to make something happen and have a good time doing it.  That’s my kind of people, so pay attention!

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  1. TwistedMetal says:

    Salon? Tammy looks like she should visit one not host one….

    • Power of RA says:

      And the gayest comment of the week goes to….. TwistedMetal.

    • CatWalkGrunge says:


      i know you hair metaller’s love your bat shit shampoo, egg white lotion and aquanet hairspray, but dont expect everyone else to share your follicle fetish

    • cashcow says:

      @twistedmetal – tammy makes more money in a month than you’ll make in your entire lifetime

      bitter much?

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