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Ep. 371 – Bonnaroo 2010 – Manchester, TN – 6/10 to 6/13

Ep. 371 – Bonnaroo 2010 – Manchester, TN – 6/10 to 6/13

A quote from my sister over the weekend pretty much sums up how I feel about this year’s Bonnaroo experience: “I’m sad it’s over, but am so happy it happened.”  The name says it all. What does Bonnaroo mean, anyway?  It means “a really good time.” Thanks Wikipedia!

Overall, I may have enjoyed 2009 Bonnaroo better, [...]

Camp Bisco 9 = Road Trip

Hooray for yesterday! The first round of performers for Camp Bisco were announced, and the list is packed with acts that I have been dying to see per word-of-mouth recommendations. The awesomeness is too much to handle.
The Disco Biscuits – All 3 Nights; LCD Soundsystem; Ween; Thievery Corporation; Girl Talk; Bassnectar; Pretty Lights; Major Lazer; [...]


Yes, the lineup has been announced, and Bonnaroo’s widget/ticket contest has begun.

I’m going to take this opportunity to tell all the folks that were tweeting with disappointment regarding the lineup to get over it, visit the Bonnaroo site, and take another look at what this festival has to offer.
Yes, Coachella has an AMAZING line up (, but please don’t take Bonnaroo’s eclectic [...]

Ep.231 – Bonnaroo 2009 Coverage

Chrystal and Guy experience their first festival at Bonnaroo 2009 in Manchester, TN
Bonnaroo was the bomb-aroo. Although I missed Girl Talk and Crystal Castles, I eventually got over it.  I think they need to make the major dance night on Saturday, because a lot of people showed up on Friday, and were too tired to [...]

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