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Ep.275 – Metallica @ Sommet Center – Nashville, TN – 09/14/09

I felt the coolest I that I have ever felt as our group of photographers walked through the basement halls of the Sommet making our way to the gates which released us to an arena full of Metallica fans. I needed theme music or something. We took our places beside the stage built in the center [...]

Ep.78 – MTV Rock Band Bash feat. The Who @ Orpheum Theater – Los Angeles, CA

Lorn and Josh attend a very hush hush Who concert and get fan reviews after the show.

What a great surprise this show was.  I had only gotten 3 hours of sleep the night before and had just finished working a full day at work.  I had no intentions of going out whatsoever.  Then I talked to [...]

Ep.77 – Coldplay @ The Forum – Ingelwood,CA – 07/15/08

Ep.77 – Coldplay @ The Forum – Ingelwood,CA – 07/15/08

Coldplay @ The Forum video concert review

Coldplay @ The Forum concert review
I had a great time at this show, a Coldplay fan or not. I haven’t truly listened to Coldplay in at least 4 years or so, but I was glad I got to see this show.  For some unknown reason I didn’t have [...]

Ep.74 – The Gutter Twins @ The Roxy – Los Angeles, CA

Lorn, Bryan, and Josh see The Gutter Twins at the Roxy and get fan reviews of the show.

This show was a recommendation from a friend of mine, Dustin, who you can see in the video telling you “Dulli and Lanegan. That’s it.” Well, I’m glad I took the recommendation. I had to attend my day [...]

Ep.73 – Wynton Marsalis w/ Willie Nelson @ The Hollywood Bowl – Hollywood, CA

Lorn and Josh go to the Hollywood Bowl to check out Jazz at Lincoln Center Orchestra with Wynton Marsalis and special guest Willie Nelson.

Thanks to Leah for the tip on this show taking place and hooking us up with tickets.  Wynton Marsalis and the Jazz at Lincoln Center Orchestra put on a fantastic show!  One [...]

Ep.72 – Stevie Wonder @ The Hollywood Bowl – Hollywood, CA

Lorn, Bryan, and Josh see Stevie Wonder at the Hollywood Bowl and get fan reactions of the show.
Part 1

What a fantastic adventure! It took us about 2 hours to find tickets for this show but it was well worth the effort. A cool dude named Kenneth hooked us up big time and this episode would [...]

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