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Photos – SXSW 2011 – Austin, TX

I have so much to write and edit, but I’ve already been home from Austin for three days and I have to get some SXSW coverage up.  This is a poor excuse for a slideshow, and the captions can be hard to read.  It is what it is for now, but keep checking back for [...]

Ep.55 – Moby DJ Set @ The Showbox at the Market – Seattle, WA

Lorn goes on a solo mission to check out a Moby DJ set at the Showbox and get fan reviews of the set.

Ep.47 – Moby @ the Nissan Live stage w/ Yahoo! Music

Bryan and Lorn were some of the first 200 people to respond to the request from Nissan and Yahoo! Music on MySpace for the special LIVE performance by Moby.  So they checked it out and got some fan reviews at the show.

Security was tight at this show.  No cameras or phones were aloud in to the venue.  [...]

Ep.2 – UCR Heat Music Festival @ UC Riverside – Riverside, CA -2/23/08

Ep.2 – UCR Heat Music Festival @ UC Riverside – Riverside, CA -2/23/08

For’s second episode Lorn and Josh leave Vegas and head to the University of California Riverside for the UCR Heat Music Festival featuring, 311, Moby (DJ set), Mos Def, Girl Talk, and Clipse.

UCR Heat 2008 Video Concert Review

For this episode we actual had some light so it turned out much better then the show [...]

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