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Arrested @ Rage: The YTC story

Arrested @ Rage: The YTC story

This past Friday, July 23rd, Rage Against the Machine played the first concert in their hometown of Los Angeles, CA in 10 years.  The concert was held as a benefit for a group fighting Arizona’s Immigration law SB1070 (Sound Strike)

The show sold out almost immediately and tickets were going for up to $500 on Ebay [...]

Ep. 356 – Rites of Spring 2010 @ Vanderbilt University – Nashville, TN

Rain, Rain, Go Away!  It’s a complete and utter Suck Fest that it rained during this year’s Rites of Spring Festival.  This was my second year attending, and once again, I was super impressed with Vanderbilt’s booking.  They manage to pull in the most talked about acts in Alternative, R&B, Hip Hop, and Rock to [...]

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