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Ep.434 – Nikka Costa w/ Pop Levi @ The Roxy – West Hollywood,CA – 01/20/11

Photo by Dustin Downing for CHINASHOP
Lorn and I wound up at this show in true YTC fashion, which means we basically had zero clue as to what we were going to see at The Roxy that night.  Some of the best shows I have seen were artists I had never listened too before and Nikka [...]

Ep.366 – Richie Kotzen @ Mercy Lounge – Nashville, TN – 5-16-10

Can I be frank?  I had no idea who Richie Kotzen was until a few weeks ago. I saw that he was coming to town, and thought, “Holy crap, that’s expensive for a Mercy Lounge show!”  I went to his website and thought, “Holy crap, this is a REALLY nice website.”  I [...]

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