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Interview // Paul McDonald (American Idol) 1

Interview // Paul McDonald (American Idol) 1

Interview with Paul McDonald

American Idol Finalist -Paul McDonald
Chrystal talks with her favorite Season 10 American Idol contestant (who auditioned in Nashville), Paul McDonald. Paul discusses taking Idol less mainstream, how he felt about the show before his experience compared to after, coming back to Nashville, and what’s in the future for him, The Grand [...]

Ep.440 – Ozzy & Slash @ Bridgestone Arena – Nashville, TN

Pardon my language, but Ozzy Osbourne and Slash made the Bridgestone Arena their b*tch last week. I was a tad disappointed when I heard there were a lot of empty seats and that Slash started his set 10 minutes early. Where’s the Rock n’ Roll in that? Oh, but there was plenty of Rock n’ [...]

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