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Photos – SXSW 2011 – Austin, TX

I have so much to write and edit, but I’ve already been home from Austin for three days and I have to get some SXSW coverage up.  This is a poor excuse for a slideshow, and the captions can be hard to read.  It is what it is for now, but keep checking back for [...]

You Tell SXSW 2011

You Tell SXSW 2011

After work tomorrow, I will embark on a musical adventure. I’m boarding a 20-hour bus ride to my first SXSW festival. However, I hear the new Greyhounds are pimped out with charging stations, WiFi, and copious leg room, so if I’m lucky and score one of those rides, I’ll be glam-cruising my way to Austin [...]

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