Ep.462 – The Flaming Lips @ Hollywood Forever Cemetery – Hollywood, CA – 06/14/11

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Flaming Lips

This was the 5th or 6th time I have had the luxury of seeing the Flaming Lips live.  I have to say that the Flaming Lips have never let me down and being able to see them perform their album, “The Soft Bulletin,” at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery is an experience I shall not forget.

The Flaming Lips @ Hollywood Forever Cemetery
Video Concert Review

The thing that makes the Flaming Lips so fantastic to see live is that they are dedicated to making sure that the attendees have the best time possible. Before the show even began, Wayne Coyne, the lead singer of the Flaming Lips, came out to talk to the audience. Wayne warned us of all the flashing lights that would be used during the Flaming Lips performance and that if at any time if we felt sick, that we should take a break and grab some water. I thought this was an incredibly kind gesture, as most bands would not take the time or consideration to warn the audience of such things.

The Flaming Lips set started with an elaborate stage entrance where the members of the band came out one by one from a gigantic LCD screen. When all of the members of the Flaming Lips were finally on stage, Wayne entered in his giant air bubble and made his way into the crowd as giant balloons were released and the party began. Throughout the show, the Flaming Lips allowed fans who arrived early enough to dance on stage and get down with them. This def added to the party atmosphere and is one of my favorite things about the Flaming Lips show.

Flaming Lips

This was my first time attending a concert at the Hollywood Forever cemetery, and I must admit I was semi-skeptical about seeing a show there.  It ended up being one of the coolest venues I have ever been to. The ambiance that the mausoleum’s and the cemetery’s very own lake created was insane; especially with the music of the Flaming Lips playing all around.

The Flaming Lips def know how to perform live and sound great doing it. In addition to the Flaming Lips playing “The Soft Bulletin” in its entirety, the Lips returned to the stage to perform “Jelly,” “The Yeah Yeah Yeah Song,” and “Do You Realize??” for their encore.

The Flaming Lips @ Hollywood Forever Cemetery Setlist 06/14/11

  1. Race for the Prize
  2. A Spoonful Weighs a Ton
  3. The Spark That Bled
  4. The Spiderbite Song
  5. Buggin’
  6. What Is the Light?
  7. The Observer
  8. Waitin’ for a Superman
  9. Suddenly Everything Has Changed
  10. The Gash
  11. Feeling Yourself Disintegrate
  12. Sleeping on the Roof
  13. She Don’t Use Jelly
  14. The Yeah Yeah Yeah Song
  15. Do You Realize??

In closing, I LOVE THE FLAMING LIPS!!! They have never let me down, and I don’t think they ever will. I spoke with so many people after the show who felt it was one of the best shows they had ever been to, and it’s no surprise they felt that way. The Flaming Lips always deliver and is a band you must see if you are a music lover.

The Flaming Lips – Race For The Prize

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